Phew! That was a close one!


Phew! We made it!

We are here!

What is the fuss about? We though we weren’t going to make it to tell you all to live life your way. Seriously, live it with no regrets. As soon as we did our research, we ran over here to let you know!

Let us explain, we recently volunteered in a hospital for bed ridden patients. These patients were all the ages you could imagine. We were there because we love to motivate people, make them happy and give them love as much as we can. Now, we also asked them some questions as we had to talk to them one by one and care for them too.


Our main question was:

Any regrets?” (Even if we don’t like to speak negatively, it was the easiest way to get across.)

And their answers were beyond amazing and useful to us. As soon as we left, we rushed over and here we are, typing away for you to have a look-see too.


1) I wish I had followed my dreams more, live life more passionate.

2) I wish I worked less and focused on my family more instead of driving them away. 

3) I wish I would have traveled more and seen the world when I had the chance. Just try something new.

4) I wish I could have told Her “I love you” one more time instead of being angry over something stupid. 

5) I wish I would have come out of the closet a long long time ago. I loved my life even more as soon as I came out. 

6) I wish I would have been braver and told people what I thought instead of stepping all over me. 

7) I wish I lived life my way more, instead of what everyone else wanted.

8) I wish I didn’t text and drive, I wish to overcome this and spread the seriousness of texting and driving and drinking and driving.

9) I wish to dance more, to be more full of life, to be happier. 

10) I wish I didn’t let go so fast of my children. I wish I would have been a better parent to them. 

All these confessions and more touched our heart. We wanted to remind you to live life your way, life it to the fullest, live every moment of it, live it before it is too gone. We don’t expect you to change your life right away every time you read this, we don’t expect anything at all. We are just here to remind you that life is precious, take it easy and live it with passion and love.

We are happy that you are with us, we are here for you too. If you ever need to talk, feel free to email us.

Have a blessed day and enjoy life even some more!

The Always Believer



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