Hello there lovely ones,

How are you?

Here I am, into pieces. For either good or bad. The past month has brought a lot of changes and on going events.

Not only saying bye to old friendship but with that having the courage to keep going. You see, it is not a matter of giving up, it is a matter of where you want to spend your time and energy. This hits hard but it hits in a good way after a few weeks of soaking it all in. Time will tell, it is as easy as that, it is something that gets you on the path you need to be. Do I wish I could go change some things? Sure, doesn´t everybody in some way? But as far as I know, I had to stop trying. My heart, body, mind and soul couldn´t take it anymore. It was too much of a disaster zone to go back to it. The distance and the misreading of words come more naturally than the heart-felt voice message. Maybe whenever it has recovered some energy one way or another, has taken in some more words of wisdom and so, it is then, when we will speak again. It all happens so fast, hits you unexpectedly yet maybe that is the key of it all… life gives you surprises, depending how you act and how you treat others.

How you treat one person might not be how you treat the rest. How you have treated one person for something specific might not be the way it always is. On top of that, that person is not allowed to call you out or drag you down saying it is all the same. relationships of any kind is a tricky thing. Erasing and starting over is not for every relationship.

Learning to do things one step at a time and moving on. It is a scary thing to do, not sure what or how you need to hold on to, just listening to your gut feeling. I can only do the best that I know, as well as for my past self, it stayed in the past. Ashamed, astonished, bad words… all those are trails of the past. I am sorry.  As I write to you, I am also on my path of getting to know myself, getting to a better version of myself and have my own progress of faults. Whether it is writing a month later, whether it is not opening up in time, whether I hurt you or failed you or anything in between, I am also a human. It is a two way street that we live on, we have to meet halfway on things, whether it is on my end, it is also on yours. Time will tell. And times goes by, we continue to follow our hearts.

It is a fine line between what we are listening to and what our ego is feeding us. It is not an easy task to tell them apart at times, that is where moments of peace, actions and time is able to separate them both.

As for the rest of the pieces, birthday bash was amazing. It hit close to home and reminded me that there are good people in the world. Not only that, it was events full of surprises and treats just for me. How can I feel anything negative at a time like this? Traveling back and forth with my heart and ego, with my constant reminder of feeling guilty, with my constant reminder of not being worth it… it all goes away when you remember that for one mistake, it is a lesson learned. As long as you open eyes and see that you are surrounded by beauty.

What can I say? These pieces and more are all part of me. I can cheer you on to have a better lifestyle, to be more positive…. I tell you real tales of someone who is figuring out the world around her too. Just like you. In this community, in any community, we all need love. This is my place to start, within myself, to start doing things better, to continue… and to forgive myself and others. It is ok to make mistakes, it sucks when you do… there is no reason to beat yourself up months or even years after.

People evolve, people change, this is a fact, maybe not known to everyone. Whether my life has one perspective right now and in the future a completely different one, it is not a matter of living lies… it is a matter of finding my own path. Overall, helping people is what I love, overall, motivating people is my jam. Most of all, stepping up after falling down, getting up after letting yourself down is key.  Next step: Spreading the love.

This is why your word is so important, this is why I want you to share with#GoDoFly. Because your words, stories and love help the rest be brave. And most of all, yourself.

Thank you for reading, participating and coming back to us time after time, it has given me a great pleasure to see all the friendly faces.

The Always Believer


PS: People who have inspired me to write this and more (in no particular order): Thank you!

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Katbaroo – http://glipho.com/katbaroo

L.Bel – http://confessionalprofessionaldramaqueen.blogspot.co.uk/

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GClawdia – http://glipho.com/gclawdia


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  1. Everything happens for the greater good!
    God bless you my little angel


    “Speak your deepest truth, even if it means losing everything…
    A life of lies and half-truths, the burden of unspoken things, will eventually suffocate you and everyone around you. ~ Jeff Foster”

    1. Thank you very much for posting this here and showing us a brighter light. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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