Put a Borja in your life


Hello World Lovers!

Today´s motto is a special one indeed!

¨Put a Borja in your life!¨ 

The name can be this, the name can be The Always Believer, the name of the game can be anything you want it to be.

What is all this about, you ask with that odd look in your face?

So, we are almost at the end of Winter, we almost feel the soft sun on our skin, we almost see the streets cleared of snow and rain, it is around the corner! Yet ….. we still need to wait about three to four weeks to get it, if we were ever so lucky. Because of course April Showers (Horray!My Birthday month!) is a sentence we know all to well and by then it is May, which is two months away….

Back down we go again in a slump, in a full state of sighing and grunting, now wishing for the still long time coming Summer… Oh what can we do?

But wait! That is where it comes in!

¨When what comes in?¨

The title! Put a Borja in your life! This is all about attitude. It is all about how you look at things. You see the rain pouring down in this long harsh Winter, you shovel the snow countless times, gray days are on a daily basis and your umbrella never leaves your side. Yes, it can all lead you down to a depressing winding road of tear drops and canceling life plans all together.

Put a Borja in your life! Don´t let the rain stop you, let those cloudy days be your best friend. Those raindrops will turn into rainbows at some point or another. What is the use of turning into Grumpy from Snow White? Is it going to make the day any better? Is it going to let the sun shine in? Are you even going to be able to concentrate on your daily life?

Of course not… Life is all about attitude too. If you give the snowy hills power to keep you sad, then that´s it. There is no turning back. So, as Elsa from Frozen sang over and over again this Winter, Let it go.

Let what go? All those sad faces, all those life suck moments, all those moments that drag you down because of this yucky sucky weather… You know exactly what I am talking about. Come on, I see your face. You know that it is all about those days that everything went wrong as soon as you got up to another cloudy day. It is insane how much the weather can affect us up to a point. It really works that way. Granted, it can get to you. That is where we step in with ¨Put a Borja in your Life!¨


In every post that we kindly write here on The Always Believer, we remind you of putting a ¨Borja¨ in your life. We remind you that life is worth living it your way, that you have that power in your to keep yourself motivated. That in order to live life better, you need to place things in your life that help your day-to-day. It can be a note, it can be a call to a loved one, it can be a daily hug, it can be reading something positive, (like us!) it can be listening to one of your favorite songs, it can be a tv show, it can be countless things.

As soon as you start reminding yourself to put a ¨Borja¨ into your life, to put some more love into your life, specially in those gray days that we have all year-long, your world becomes a bit lighter and fresher. No matter the weather. These tips are just that. Tips, ideas, reminders… do anything in your power to promote happiness in your life.

Go on! Sing, write, drink, bowl, X-Box, dance in the rain. Do something today to remind you every day of how wonderful life is and to stay positive.

Put a Borja in your life. We all need one. What are you waiting for?

Got any tips that you do to keep you on the positive track of life? Let us know!

Thanks for the love, keep dancing away,

The Always Believer

PS: Post dedicated to a good friend of mine reminds me that all my hard work is paying off, who loves telling me I keep him motivated and who always brings a smile to my face.


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