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Yo, whats up!

Let’s get real, let’s get this straight. We want to motivate you today, we want you to feel amazing and wonderful and cool and awesome and fantastic and all those pretty things.

So, let’s get to it!

Get yourself motivated to face the day –  I mean, come on, you are the star of your day, you are the top dog, the alpha in the lead, you are the one that has the power to do whatever you want with your day.  Right from the start, start the day with something you love. Either tune in to your favorite song, meditate, go running, wake up early to get yourself all pretty, talk to someone you love, write a love letter, anything counts.

On the way to work, think about all the things that push you to be better and the things you want to achieve. Maintain that positive attitude all throughout your day. Remind yourself. And all this because you woke up by giving yourself time to start the day doing something you like.

Do your best in whatever situation: Look beyond yourself and your work, take a step back and see the bigger picture. As you see that you have reached more goals than you think of, also step out of your own little box. Go on and volunteer, go get some a bigger and better aspect on life and society in general.

You are more than what you do: No matter that your job is, if it is not your dream job, remind yourself that it is more than what you are. Let that feeling go, that work life needs to be a certain way, it doesn’t.  And even if it is your dream job and you are fully dedicated to what you do, it still applies to you. Yup, you are more than your job. Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Plan your time and create a to-do list: Keep those thousand thoughts you have in your mind carefully organized in your agendas and notebooks. Cross them off one by one and that will give you extra pleasure to your day. Set a pinboard and put all your visions together.

Prioritize your list, do the most important things first. When doing whatever you need to do, be sure it is the best use of your time. Schedule your time and you will start getting more motivated about events.

Concentrate on what you have at hand: if you let yourself get distracted by worrying about all the other things going outside your work area, you will lose energy where you are now. And that works both ways. If you are out enjoying your social life and work strikes in, let it go. Stay in the moment. Take care of what you need to do first and foremost, be responsible and keep your own word.

Be clear in what you want: We have talked about this many times, be clear in what you want and what you want to achieve. You will come out better in the longer term and that way, you will be able to achieve all your little hopes and dreams, one by one.

Have a kik-kat! Take a break! Get away from your work area for a few minutes, get some fresh air, get a different vibe for a while. No matter if you are working at a place that doesn’t fulfill you (which by the way, start finding one that does), or a job that you love, it is plenty healthy to go outside, take a walk and clear your mind.

Make these breaks regular. Leave it all behind, laptop, tablets, phones, everything. Eat correctly, snack correctly and look for other ways to re-energize yourself. Take a break.

Breath in, breath out: learn how to relax, no matter how challenging it gets or demanding work comes. At the end of the day, it is only a job and you are doing the best you can. Don’t stress too much over it because it will lead you to darker places. Most of all, learn how to relax even when it is your company on the line. Breath and take it easy.
Create the right kind of environment you need! Come on now, decorate your table, your space, your area, whatever it may be. Listen to some of your funky music. Drown out people around you that only want to gossip. Bring something to your neck of the woods that can keep you motivated throughout the day.
Remember to have a space just for you, to enjoy the moment, to chill out and make whatever you more fun and exciting.
Any tips you got in mind that you do for you? Were you reading this and it reminded you of a certain someone? Let us know your ideas and hit that share button. We want the world to stay motivated and subscribe too!
Chill, relax and love what you do.
You got this,
The Always Believer


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