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Hi Team Flyer!

How are the first few months of 2018 going? Are we keeping up with those resolutions? Yup, about a month back we talked about them for a couple weeks and we are back checking up on what I´ve been doing or not… It is a checkup on my personal end and at the same time a good reminder for you to keep up the ones you wanted to.  Honey, if it is either a yes or a no, it will all be okay, just put your own drive into it and find ways to make sure you focus on achieving them. Sure, it is not the easiest thing to do, especially if much like the rest of the world, discipline is not a forte of ours, we love our comfort and we want things done fast and easy…

Much like you, my resolutions take some time and let´s see which ones have been on track and what can we do to fix the other few… and here is another reminder, you are able to change and move the resolutions around as much as you want as long as it fits your needs and you know you are doing the best you can.

Social Media- My statement was to leave it social media at a reasonable hour before going to bed, stating the fact that this includes all sorts of talks and video watching that leads me losing sleep and reminding myself that I can deal with these things the next day.

Result? Doing quite good, I must say. My upbeat active days lead me to be in a million places in just one day and no matter how much I enjoy helping out, listening in, talking and creating, my personal rest as increased over the past month without a doubt. I do disconnect without almost any exceptions and that is fundamental for me. Sleeping more, better and getting my right amount of rest, least through the week, it is a nice start.

Eating healthier- that is a typical one and one I will keep short; I am doing the best I can. Not because I continue eating junk food, not really, I just keep eating off basis and my sweet tooth gets to me, so … I must continue getting better at this.

Being selfish – I can also tie this one with resting, as well as self-love, call it what you call it, I still need to get me some more. It is also a piece of art in the making, centering on myself more and getting my goals done.

Appreciate and knowing who is who- This linked up together since one was to appreciate my friends and family more often, something that I continuously work on and the other one was to know who to spend my time with. One the second part, I am still figuring it out, think a bit better than previous months yet this one, as stated will take some time.


Making this community bigger and better- This is a key one all year long, let´s keep it short and sweet, you will forever be my number one bae, the one I want to spend all my moments with to make our community shine every day even more… so, all in all, we will get back to this one as soon as we achieve bigger and better things.

Those flirtatious pictures- I am on it, it still takes me some time, it still takes me a bit of time to feel confident in my own skin, just for myself, for no one else but me… and even though we hear it all the time, it is true, as we grow older, we grow more mature and know that the beauty standard that we have been given is all too unrealistic, nonetheless, I need to climb down that hill and move more into loving myself inside and out… I am on it.

Hug, kiss, hold as much as I can- Doing it and doing it some more and more. I sure need to remind myself more and this is coming from me, Miss. Forever Loving, I want to hug, kiss and hold even some more.

Stop assuming things will break apart- And that it will be negative before positive and actually true. Not in every occasion that needed to be, yet with deep breaths, I have calmly started to calm down, let things be and remind myself that things will play out.

Workout- Not so much, not as much as I want, need or desire. You know, I am doing my best not to beat myself to hard on it and to accept the fact that it is one of my biggest faults by now. Maybe I need more drive towards it? Maybe I need to see the light that when there is more free time and energy I will do it? I don’t know, it is a thought and an action in the making.

Alright, those were my 10 for the time being. Sure there is more coming, more changes and more goal completed and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Hit us up with yours, write them out, let us know and keep us informed on how they go. Feel free to share them or whatever you want from a section down below.


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