Resolution it up!

Hi Team Flyer!

Round two of these current goals going on, see round one here! (And yes, it opens in a new window.) Resolutions, done anywhere and everywhere, as long as you better yourself.

  • Make this community bigger and better. With each and every step forward, I sure want to make sure (pun intended) that we grow as a community, not only in size yet also in wisdom, stories and adventures. That we become a group of people who share their point of view, who are respectful and who are able and willing to go after what they want. No matter the highs and lows, we are here for one another and we all need that helping hand. So, my job is for that to happen, because Team Flyer is always here for you, darling,

  • Take flirtatious feminine pictures of myself. Professionally or not, and no, not even referring to nudes, just pictures where I feel like a Queen. I am my age right now and won´t ever be this age. I am no longer 16, no longer 20, no longer 25… And even though I felt better with myself and my body way back when I was 18-22… that ship sailed a long time ago. Sure we have our highs and lows, yet why is it that we make our own selves feel horrible as we grow older? Sure, that is not all of us, sure, that is something we have talked before and the reason it makes the list is because we need reminders. At least I do. I need to embrace my age, my beauty and love myself inside and out.

  • I will hug him as much as I can. I will kiss him as often as I can. I will hug her as much as I am able to. I will kiss her as many times as I can. This goes for all my loved ones that I see this year and every year after that. No matter how caring I am, as I grow up, I have learned to back off, not only to give personal space, but also as a sign of growing up. What do I mean by this? I truly believe that as we grow we become less affectionate with one another and I see this clearly since I work with children every single day of the year… and man, they show love all the time. When was the last time you showed love that way? So, this goes to all the dear ones in my life, watch out, hugs and kisses are coming your way.


  • I will stop assuming that things are going to break apart, fall apart and be a total disaster since that just brings myself more trouble than there actually is. I am just going to wait until happens. Mainly because we have to let things be, it will come when it will come, meanwhile just enjoy what you have and take it all in. Life is unpredictable.

  • Not committing to a full workout routine because I know myself and not only do I push myself too hard, I have committed myself to prioritize sleep much more than working out. Why? Because even though we only have 24 hours in a day, even though I do spend most of it working and studying (least for half of the year that is left), I made a deal with myself that the time that I have for myself is going to go creating this community, social life, volunteering and resting. I will commit to taking more care of myself in this area. And that the moment I finish school and are able to focus on just one or two big things in my life, I will add more time for this one.

And boom, another 5. Let´s see how it goes with these ten… give it some time, it all needs time and hard work, I will do them both to achieve these 10. Maybe not this year, maybe not right away, yet slowly and gradually, much like everything else in life.

Let us know yours, share these away, add your own and let us know how you are holding up.

The Always Believer

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