A month after 2018 kicked in?

Yes, Team Flyer, why not? Can you tell me why do we always have to wait until a brand new year to kick in the resolutions? Why not now in February? Or mid-year? Or even in the middle of October? When is there a right time to change your life? There isn´t. Duh, because now is a good enough time as any.

So… let´s get talking. I am not surely too big on resolutions. I am big on just believing that change takes time and to get to change you have to take action. Sure, the first step can be making a list, regardless of the fact you write them down or now. Then, after that? Well, comes all the hard work. Day in, day out to get to your goal. I know in the next weeks and months, I will still be binge watching my favorite tv shows, I will still be going to bed a little too late, I will still be finding a way to get everything done every day without stopping…. And these things I am partly okay with.

Granted I have made it a quest for me that this year I need to rest and relax more, tying that together with the last thing I just said… even if my list is not all done, I need to know that I did a good job with the day and learn that you can leave things for the following morning since that makes you will rest.

Moving onward we can sure make a list of other things I want to do. Maybe you see yourself reflected in some, maybe you want to add your own. Whatever they may come, they come in no particular order and desire. They are realistic things that I want to get done, knowing that they will take time and work to achieve them.


  • I will leave all social media behind at a reasonable hour before going to bed. This includes posting for you lovelies, as well as talking to friends. Leaving a huge imprint on talking to people (those people who aren’t friends but need stuff from you), talking to ex or flings or anything in the love spectrum that doesn’t require my full attention at that time since they are passengers, watching videos that lead to getting me hyped up at the wrong time, just to name a few. These conversations and energy will be better after getting eight hours of sleep and getting my mind equally as rested.
  • I will eat healthier. Now, this is something I have been achieving slowly and surely already. Nonetheless, working with kids, there are a whole lot of cookies and sugary treats. So, getting that out of the way completely, I also have to exclude certain food. Even though that is just me being me, I´d like to exclude food like meat and greasy fried food as much as I can. Especially for dinner, gosh, my stomach does not need that much food right before bed.

  • Appreciate, appreciate and appreciate. Granted, I know if you know me, you know I do this often. I love being thankful and letting my close ones know how much they mean to me. I shall continue with this because that is just who I am.
  • Know boundaries and know who is who. This links up with number three. Since my real friends who know appreciated I am of them and we have constant real talks… I also want to talk to myself and see who I am allowing into my own inner circle. Since this is a tricky thing, as I meet new people and have them as a constant, reflect on how much they mean to me and how the relationship goes both ways. This will save me lots of mini heartbreak and headaches and explosions. This one is going to take me some time since it comes so natural to me to be friendly and let people hang.
  • I want to be more selfish. I want to know what I want more, get in tune with my goals and just think of myself. Sure, love is fun and comes and goes, sure, I can fall in love at any time of my life, nonetheless… before that comes into my life, I want to know myself a million times more every day. Even though it is something I can do while having a partner, I must say that it is much better to take advantage of singlehood and do it as much as you can. Hence, I wanting to talk to myself on a daily basis to figure out the whole she-bang called life.

So, these five are big ones, let´s wait another week to get another five more to be honest because there is more where that came from. Let me know yours, let me know how you are doing with yours, just chat away, we are always here listening, open heartily and honestly… Team Flyer, yo.

The Always Believer

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