Revolutionary February


Boo ya! (this is the cheer of Revolutionary February!)

Hi there Flyer!!

How are you? How has your second month of year gone? One main thing before we roll: Since I was away for some time getting life together a bit, I will be uploading whenever I can. In other words, my Friday´s post about The Always Believer (A.K.A me) might come out on any random day. At least for a little bit. ( I will get back on track as soon as I can!) Meanwhile, I am still very interested in your story, be sure to check out the sections! (click on them! They open in a new tab!)







And why, yet, of course, please feel free to write to me any idea you got in mind for them and even if you want me to see me do something particular for my page or YouTube channel! Ideas are more than welcome, Team Flyer!

Let me know down below with comments of all the cool stuff you achieved or projects you have started!! I love to hear me some good news and positive vibes too.

Mine has been revolutionary! (Where, oh where, do I start…)

First things first, as you know by now from my last post (click here to have a look!) I started studying. A month in and looking good. Steady and forward. I still got tons to study on a daily basis and can´t wait to settle down and just focus on study and work.  (Many other things also popped up!) Within the next couple weeks, it is going to settle down to just that, as much as possible.

Studies aside, which is the biggest of the biggest news itself, actually. I was also honored due to my hard work. You see, there has been many times where I just wanted to pick up and study, after trying a few times, it didn´t really work for me and gave up. (The whole working 40 hours a week while studying…) Even though, it is something that I am against, giving up the towel that is, a few years later, the itch and scratch of gaining new knowledge of what I love, came to its full 100%. I decided to give it a go and boom! Started as soon as I could…. How am I honored, you may ask yourself, by now?

Love. Yup…. You give love and you get love back. My boyfriend´s family offered me a place to stay. And how is this such big news? Well, above all, it will help balance my income a lot. They´ve known me for some time, yet not too too long, and with that short amount of time, they saw what was happening and jumped on to help me. They see me come and go and do it all, so out of the goodness of their heart, boom… get a bit of a break. It did give me stronger wings to fly on. Even though I still have bills and expenses to pay,  like every other human, it does smooth things down a bit. Between them and other close friends that became family, I feel truly blessed.

Other medium size cool changes: I changed my hair color to my one and only true love – purple.  It is setting in and will take some time for it to stick …. no worries on my boat, makes me thrilled. I got a new phone! Upgrade on my cell phone life, not only am I able to record great quality videos for my YouTube and in general, I can also create sweeter designs on the go.

Lastly, I am heading on out to my hometown. It is a place that I consider part of my home, least for the time being… And after almost two years of taking a much-needed break due to other experiences, I am bouncing off for the weekend. I get to see my mom and close friends. Plus, get me some delicious sea food! Can we get a heck yeah?!

Here ´s the latest video! 



Excuse that awkward face, better said, get used to it, that is all I know how to make! 😉

You know where to reach me!

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