Rise and Shine

Wake up babe!

It´s time for a nice feel good post about Life. Mine, yours, whomever.

Yes, you are looking at me with that face of ¨Really, why?¨ It just a friendly reminder that with this new year to cheer up and get your goals back on track. Turn that frown upside down and just keep on moving forward… Maybe you feel like any of the following:

Yes, darling, life has its ups and downs for all of us and we all either decided to go on doing things one way or another. It is all about the path that we choose and how we handle it.  I´ve been negative a lot of times, felt like any of the quotes above. It has felt like a downward spiral, like a bunch of rainy days and zero changes but a million excuses. It has been more than one man job to get me back on track. I struggled through letting go, through seeing myself for my traits rather than my faults and most of all, loving who I am at that moment.

Sure, there are still low moments. It takes a while transferring and getting used to new way of thinking. Moreover, it is something that also has to happen naturally because I have let it happen. Now, all I let in is pure bliss. As you come to see and love.

Usually this section is more about the pictures, which it will be, I just wanted to give you more of an insider look. From the floor  up, from inside to out, from me to you.

Without further adieu, pictures and more galore 🙂

It´s time to rise and shine now 🙂

Come on, wake up… stretch and even if you fall as you get up, it´s time again to get on up, Sunshine.

Get with the right attitude 🙂

move on, do your thing and

Just like that, you got this.

Ok, now what makes you get up every morning? Think about it, what makes you get all excited in life? Make a list, keep it around with you. Remind yourself daily! Do one of those things today. Think of the last time you had that amazing love reach for the sky feeling! It could have been forever, it could have really just been yesterday. All you need is to remember those feel good moments that you have in your life and that you can have them all again,all the time.

This feeling! What makes you get it?

It is all about understand that feeling of love, that feeling of happiness that you have had and getting it all back. This time around, bigger, better, stronger.

I want to point out the following just for you:

Be Yourself. Always.

In any case, you are your own competition.

My point being:

Open your eyes and look around, right now.  What is around you? What do you want to change? What is that one thing you really want to do?

What is it, darling?

I take my time,my effort and most of all my love to tell you,beautiful soul that you have time to do everything you desire. I am here to remind you that whatever path you choose in life, it is yours. You are able to have the tools to get better, to get higher and most of all to be where you want to be. After all, in this world with endless possibilities, you are one of them.

This might be just a post, just a blog, just another one for the list. I, for one, choose it to be a piece of the way I helped built. The way I want to help, the way I want to make your life better. This is the thing that makes me the happiest girl around.

Thanks to myself and other I have been on the path of recovery. My friend, it has been a rocky and wonderful one. Please, join! I would love to have you come along and be happy with the rest of us. Just doing what you love.

Thanks for the read and here have a few more happy pictures!

And lastly,

Of course:

– The Always Believer

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