Sad, when I think of you

Team Flyer, 

Today´s #sorrynotsorry is brought to you by a broken heart and a real story, it is brought to you by honest open feelings and knowing that being sad is an option and a good feeling to have.

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The Always Believer


Sad, when I think of you.  

Sad that I don´t have you any longer, sad that we didn’t try it out, sad that you left too soon.

Sad that our laughs led us to more, sad that we didn’t have the right key to open the door.

Sad that your cuddles are still all I want, sad that we don´t know where this is going.

Sad that I let you in like if we were together, sad that I only set my eyes and hopes on you.

Sad that your hands fit perfectly in mine and they now belong to someone else, sad that we didn’t get an opportunity.

Sad that it felt like the right person yet at the wrong time. Sad that we just didn´t know.

Sad that it was all about the timing, all about the paths crossing, about an endless love story that I walked in on.

Sad that you even felt it too, sad that you didn’t mean to break my heart but you did.

You broke it into piece, you let me in and let me fall. You whisked me away and let me on.

You let me leave, you let me cry for days, you let me get back on my feet by myself.

Because of course, that is what you do. You are respectful, you are honest, you are real. Since the beginning, we both knew what we had at stake, we both knew that it was just something temporary, we both knew your heart belonged to someone else…

And we just ran with it, we just made a run for it, we just let it happen, we let it take the best of us, we decided that was the best thing we could do, let this love grow bigger and deeper… and for what? What for?

Sad, we are both sad. Sad, we are both missing our spark, wondering ¨What if?¨when we both clearly know we aren’t those kind of people.

Sad,because we just got in too deep. Sad, because our friendship is more valuable than any of this. We both wanted to rescue our relationship more than anything else.

Decisions, I decided to leave,  you already made your decision from the start, her and her side… I should have known better, you should have protected me more, who knew? Who cared? We had to show our feelings, we had to give it a go… but we didn’t, we didn’t do such thing.

So all we are left with is sadness. Sad, as an emotion, as a daily feeling, as a pain in my heart, sad as I can´t stop thinking about you, sad as in I know that you are better off with someone else, sad that I ever loved you that deep and fell in love…

For now, it is sad. It is sadness. And that is okay, that is what I need to feel. Because I loved you, because you were my world and I was almost yours, because I am letting myself feel sad to heal, because I am not sorry it happened, because I am happy that I was brave enough to take that leap, because being sad is just temporary, much like our love story.

Sad for now, who knows tomorrow? Sad because we are not together, who knows the future? Sad because it was real for an instant and who knows if tomorrow our love story will be back?


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