Safety dance

What makes you feel safe? What scares you the most?

I have been thinking about safety. About things that make you safe and thinks that don´t. As a writer, as an artist, as a creator, we are often told to stick to our safe side since that is where we shine. And on the other side, we are told to go to what scares us the most and let it out.

If you know me and you´re starting to, I take leaps. I jump at the chance of adventure. Even though a lot of times I do say ¨Better be safe than sorry.¨ That sentence goes for other things, for other types of adventures such as missing the last train home on purpose and let´s see how we get home at 4am or so… As far as my writing goes, it´s becoming more and more adventurous, more and more scary. I am letting it all out.

I have been thinking for the past few days of things that I am scared to write about. It might have been that I didn´t give myself enough time or I´ve been way too occupied to actually sit down and think it. After writing my book, I stopped being scared of writing about anything personal. I let a lot out and I wanted to. It was a key point to the book. I continue by saying what more can I say about being scared in writing… I am sure there are more things, I am sure I will find them and write about them, being my confident self and all, it´s only my natural step to write.

I love writing, writing what I want to write about, writing for the love and passion of writing, writing how I feel and am… most of all, I love writing for myself and for you. Because these simple words will always become something meaningful to one of you out there. That´s why I want to speak my mind and take the leap.

Moving on, more towards reality, since we are not all writers in ink (or on a computer screen) but we are all writers of our lives. We all create life around us, that is the main reason why I call you world creator

As a new year is upon us,not that should be any more motive than another new day, I wanted to ask you what makes you think outside the box? What brave and courageous thing do you want to do starting now? Starting next year? Starting when your heart tells you to?!  What makes you safe and how good is that good thing? Sure, we all love feeling safe and know we are taken care of, that is something we are always going to cherish. Now, as our fellow classmate , Ferris Bueller, says ¨Life moves pretty fast. If you don´t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.¨

What I am reminding you is that it is good to walk a bit on the wild side, to take that leap of faith, to just live life to it´s fullest. Countless people do New Year´s Resolution and I don´t care if they accomplish them or not, I do care about how brave they are and how they are able to step out in their own spotlight for once and live that moment.

Starting with you. Starting now. Starting whenever you feel like it.

Not that this post will guide you along the way with what big steps you would want to take, it is a start that you´re here. And you made it to this line. Look back at your year, look at what you accomplished, stick to those facts and now look ahead, think of times you want to be courageous and speak your mind, those moments that you want to do you what you want.

Lastly, another nice reminder of:

Be the change you want to see in the world. To which I add, even if it´s just your world, it is a great place to start. 🙂

Always Believe, always do,

The Always Believer

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