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How is it going? Today we are talking about saving up and moving on forward to use that money for what really counts. And how do we save, you might ask? Here are a few tips and ideas that will get that money juice flowing and ready to open that savings account and see it grow.

I´ve been independent for many years now and even though I have seen the ups and downs of money related issues, I have always done my best to have some money saved up and ready to go.


Tip 1: 

Create that budget. 

This is where you lay down what you earn, what your expenses are, what the savings will be and where do they all go.

Something along the lines like this:

Monthly income: 2,500

Rent: 800

Bills: 200

Utilities: 200

Food: 200

Transport: 50

School: 250

Savings account: 300

Total: 2.000

Meaning that I have 500 left over, not only to add up to my savings account, I can also think of investing in getting my driver´s license for example, or taking a trip back home or another thing big buy or need of the sort. If there is none, away goes 300 more to the savings account and leave those 200 leftover for some other fun activities.

Whatever it is that you do, how much money you make, where you need to invest it in, any time you make a budget is always a win. You can also focus on the fact that if you earn 2,500 for example, automatically put some of that into your savings account, as if your actual salary were less.




Tip 2: 

Reducing costs at home and out. 


We all say it and we most don´t do it. Instead of buying brand products for every single of our needs, we can buy some store name brands instead for a whole lot of things. From toilet paper to cereal, from corn to cleaning products. You can totally tell the difference at the end of the month.

And if that wasn´t enough, you don´t always have to eat out every weekend, make home-cooked meals and learn how to make the most out of your foods. Granted this is a hard spot for me since I love eating out and cooking, well, not so much. Nonetheless, I have been able to cut down on it all and started pacing my foods throughout the week and make them last longer.

Always find ways you can reduce costs at home, it will make all the difference. Both at the store and in your own house.

Tip 3: 

Shop smart. Be the smart one. 

Whatever it is that you are going for in the store,  let it be just that. Make a list, write it down, write it on your phone, find an app that will help you write lists, just go do it. This will make every single of your shopping routines so much better. Not only will you only buy what you need, you will also save money where it really counts.

Talking about shopping smart, there are always places where things are sold cheaper, that doesn´t mean less valuable, just cheaper. And that is something to look for when you are looking into saving up some more.




Tip 4: 

Live with what you need. 

One of the best things I love about this idea is that you only need to buy what you need. Why? Because instead of spending 10 dollars or euros more each week on coffee at the nearest cafe, those extra 10 can go into a cute dress, into a movie ticket, into having dinner out or even better… into your savings fund for the next trip or big buy you want to so badly.

In other words, keep your head in your long-term goal. Sure, it is great to splurge spontaneously once in a while, however, not often in this case. Because that way you can invest your money where you really want it to go. And that is the big picture.

Tip 5: 

Before you hit that buy button, really think about what you are buying. 

If saving money is what you are all about these days, then think about each thing as a key object in your life. Is it what you need? If you buy this, will it take money out of your savings account? Or even better, out of that end goal of yours? Can you hold of buying this for a few more days until you get a clearer idea how much you need it?

You get the picture, be sure to understand what you are buying and what are you buying it for. You are here, reading this post, out of love and out of the love you have for saving money. So, darling, be sure to get your money´s worth wherever you look, shop, click and go.

If you have any other saving tips be sure to let me know down below. I´d love to hear them out and also get new ideas to keep saving up some money.



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