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How often are you asked to say something about yourselves? I mean, seriously. When you get down to it, we get asked this question quite a bit. Not only in our day-to-day meeting new people and in new groups but also in job applications and more. I have been noticing a certain fluency when it comes to been asked this question, which is a lot of times people don’t know what to say!

This quick “About Me” description can go many ways.  For example, we do remember people’s story as soon as they tell it in a uplighting, emotive way. Every successful person that can come to our mind right now has an amazing background story, even if it was a hard one, we remember it due to the way it was explained to us. Another example are those who have a great story to tell but don’t know how to do it. Are you one of the ones that get all shy as soon as the spotlight is on you?

That’s ok, you are allowed to be your introverted self a bit. I want to help you change that. Why? Because it is important to speak your mind. Because it is becoming an important factor in today’s modern life. You need to dig down and know what you want. You need to know what you want to present to this world and be proud of it. As soon as you hit the stores, as soon as you spread your word, your story is everywhere. No matter if it stays in a town or for the whole world to know. The truth of the matter is that your story is out there. It is in your power to make it as unique as possible.

We aren’t fully taught to respond to this question, nonetheless, we get it asked ever since we are children at school. Whether it is an acting casting or a business interview, whether it is a baker being interviewed for their local magazine or a zoo keeper after rescuing some animals, we all get this question asked countless times.

It might be even somewhat related to acting. The essence of something as important as talking about yourself for the world to see is for people to remember you and want to get to know you. You have to leave a mark one way or another. The key is not to overact, in others be as natural as you can be. It is one of the hardest page to write, after all, you are talking about you. And as you sit yourself down  write, words often disappear. Followers, buyers, partners, whomever you are selling your product to, have to believe in you. Your story needs to be an expression of you who are and what you want to give out to your public.

On top of that, you attract people with your same mindset when you are being totally honest with your story. It is up to you what to share and how much, of course. It doesn’t have to be a page long or two lines, it can be however you like. All you have to keep in mind is that how you expose yourself in terms of length,words and expression is how people see you. No need to be afraid, there are plenty of resources to help you write a few lines in this section. 

Moving on to the real world, the words “Tell me something about yourself.” can be a bit intimidating too. Sure, you can have some scripted lines for the next interview and that is ok. But as I stated above, you simply must be natural. Say those words as you want to be seen, be confident, be honest and make them believe. 

Another quick and final example: Go to the person you love the most and tell them you love them. Natural right? Come right off your tongue. This is how talking about yourself should feel. This is your cover letter to the world. Start by talking who you are, what you do and who do you serve. Then, follow it along by talking about your point of view, how you see the world and what are you working on.

Welcome them to your world.

Once you got that set, you can talk about the backbone of your story. What is your intake on this? What is your story? Tell me about yourself!

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The Always Believer

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