Dear Team Flyer,

Self Care… where do you stand on it? What do you do to have some self-care on a daily basis?


Let´s open up my box because as I am writing, as I am clearly letting you in, I am also taking good care of myself.


Was it easy to get to where I am?  

Nope, not at all.


Was it something that had to be said to me over and over?

Why, yes, yes it was.


Do I feel a difference between way back in the day where I ignored myself to know when I give myself a solid half an hour a day?

Why, yes, yes, I do. 


Okay, let´s break it down. In our everyday life, we are supposed to be doing about 30 activities or more. Anything goes from brushing our teeth to commuting to work tasks, house tasks, to texting, to eating, to picking out our clothes, to making decisions, to all of it… we do so much. So after all these activities and in between all of these, where are you able to find time for yourself?

How does it possible work that in our endless amount of tasks, of our endless hours of responsibility and upkeep, we can get a few minutes for ourselves? Well, darling, this involves a lot of consistency, spoiling and down-right knowing for a fact that self-care is the best thing you can do all day. Let´s break it down even more.




Oh that is such a beneficial word that helps you gain so much leverage in life, with everything you do. Some people have a hard time with it, whatever it is they try to put to practice, to get into that consistency, they need all their willpower and their whole block´s as well. And others, well, just know that they have to put the work in since day one. You see, I am constant in many things, such as listening, reading, working, dancing… working out? Not so much for now, eating in general? Not so much either… Spoiling myself? Now, that one is hard.

So, where do we go from here? We have to acknowledge the fact that consistency to activities we want is one of the most important first steps to take. For example, if we want to study more regularly without getting Netflix, YouTube and Instagram in the way… we must set aside a set time for this. We must know that from this time to this time it is all about studying or whatever activity you want it to be.

And now, back to self-care… Every single day, there has to be a time set aside just for you, for you and your thoughts, for you and your self-love. It can be any time you want, it can be any time you need it to be. And it could just be around 15-20 minutes of meditation time for you. Most people will tell you that it is better in the morning or at night, I also agree on this, however it depends on you. Maybe it is on your commute, maybe it is on a lunch break or right after getting off work… Someway, somehow, you have to get in alignment with yourself and tell yourself to be constant with you, to be good to you.

On top of this, it doesn’t only have to be those few minutes, it could be doing an activity you love once or twice a week, do it for you, do it for your soul, do it because it is what is right. And talking about that…


Spoiling yourself


You know that whole line of ¨If you aren´t happy with yourself, you can´t be happy with anyone else.¨... it is so spot in right. It is absolutely right. Because, honey, babe, sugar, you sexy thing you… if you don´t do you, how do you expect anyone else to do you? Take it as you may, take it as you please.. what you got going on for you is grand and you need to know that spoiling yourself is a great life pleasure.

You want to run? Run. You want to cook? Cook. You want to do your hair and nails? Do them. You want to watch your TV show? Watch it. You want to dance in your underwear like nobody’s watching? Then, do it. 

All these things and much more is you time. It is time for you and your soul to be happier and get into alliance once again. You need to put yourself first and everything else works around that, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it… then go out there and do it. 


Self- Care is the best thing you can do for yourself


You are you. You are important. You are smart. You are kind. You are you. You are the hero you need yourself to be. You are what pushes you higher up. You are you. All your life. No matter who comes in and out through your eyes, the first and only person you see is you.

So, why aren´t you taking more care of yourself? Tell me again why do you treat yourself so badly or look down upon yourself… why for whatever reason, do you not give yourself extra time and love? That stops now. Or better said, this starts now.

What starts now? 

Self-care. Self-care is the best thing you have do throughout the day. You are the vehicle that takes your life everywhere, you are that motor… So, bring it all back to you and get yourself together. Do what you need to do to love yourself everyday, to empower yourself and to listen to yourself. Every. Single. Day.


Now, all these are little pieces of a bigger picture, fragments and ramblings of my mind to yours, let it be a reminder, let it be a wake up call…let it be my letter to you for you to know how important you are, let it be a letter to myself also letting me know how important it is


And since love is what moves us and the world always needs more of it, let us know, how do you self-care? What are your ideas and your routines?


The Always Believer


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