¨I’m glad to you that you became the person you always meant to be.¨


This sentence… this is a powerful sentence. This sentence is the kind of sentence that you hear from someone who knows you really well and believe them. This is the kind of sentence that you always wanted to hear, the kind of sentence that you are aiming for and the one that just reminds you how far you have gone to become…

This is a intense and influential sentence because if it comes from the right person, it can just help you see things differently, open your eyes even more and give yourself a round of applause. If it comes from the right person, that person that knows you, that person that has seen your ups and downs, that one who knows your dreams and fears, this sentence is a beautiful thing..

My friends, who´ve been there through thick and thin, have told me this… As well as random strangers and few blast from the past, who am I to trust to the most, who am I to figure out which one is more right… after all, they all said the same thing… Is this a life reminder that I am on the right track? That even though I made mistakes and things got in the way, there was always that light at the end of the tunnel, that there was always something pushing me forward and that all these people, random or not, knew it…

Was it all me? Was it in me the whole time? Was it something I always knew will happen? And what is it with this sentence, anyway? I am still evolving, endlessly, I am still discovering, I am still walking and dancing all at the same time, I am still finding out who I want to be and where I want to go… I am still becoming that person. Is this a temporal thing? Is this a thing that when I reach that ultimate goal, I do become the person I am? Or is it something that just happens day after day and people see it after it has been a while…

Whatever the sentence may be and wherever it was said and whoever said it, it is still something that sticks. On one hand, we hear it a lot, we do cheer each other on and we do want the best for each other. At least in my neck of the woods.. So, since we do hear it all the time, one doesn´t really stop and think about it…

On the hand that I am currently on, I did stop and think about it. I did stop and think all these things through and through all this, pushing and going forward… mediating with myself. Not only as I rapidly type these words before they all escape and vanish into thin air, but also reflecting on them later on…

That, that right there, is a beautiful thing, the fact that we stop time to reflect on oneself, that we stop whatever it is that we are doing to take a step back and check ourselves out. We are on the road to self-discovery, we are on the track of finding out what makes us and how to love ourselves even more.

So, to all those who told me the sentence, who saw that change in me, inner and out.. thank you, thank you. Because your words, random person or not, made this person think and understand herself more to get to where she wants to be, all while reminding herself to celebrate victories along the way.

And you, what motivates you? What gears your mind? What makes you think and reflect? Any certain sentence or quote? Words that turn into sentences move us. And they have value, depth and whatever other meaning you want to give to it. Let us know down below what sentences move you and let´s keep helping each other.

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