¨Searching for signs of light when there is no one home¨

This and many more other lyrics I have heard over and over again.

Hello fellow music lovers, today´s post is quick and to the point.

Three days ago, it was Adrian Gonzalez Arredondo´s birthday. This natural musician is fresh of breath air. Natural, serious, sarcastic and avid music lover. Years passed without seeing each other, years after we hung out like if it was our natural habitat. He showed me his world, he expressed his passion for music with every concert I saw, his smile just made me love him more.

As a music lover than I am, I support this kid. And everything he does. Just because he is family? No, I am not that easy to convince. Just because he can rock out, groove, jam and give you the best heartfelt song there is. Today, three days later, it is not about me. But it is about him. Rather than a look into my sentimental heart world today, it is about a look into this amazing singer songwriter bass player and more….

We got to keep great music alive, so check him out here:

Adrian is a local multi-instrumentalist that plays with Suenalo, ArtOfficial and has recently played at Bear Creek Music Festival, Grassroots Roots.

Reviews like this: ¨OIGO is a concept that has been brewing in Miami-bred Adrian Gonzalez-Arredondo’s head(heart) for quite some time now. Currently a keyboardist for local latin funkers Suenalo (winners of Miami New Times’ Best Of Miami Best Latin Band 2011) and a bassist for Brendan O’Hara and Big Brooklyn Red among others, Adrian is now starting to branch out and explore the wide range of songs that he’s written over the years. With a music taste as eclectic as any (from Melt Banana to Kurt Elling, from Mano Negra to Salem Al Fakir), it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what his music sounds like. Although it most certainly will feel familiar. You’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying the tunes emanating from this multi-instrumentalist, singing along to songs you’ve never heard before. ”

“Adrian Gonzalez, lead vocalist from oigo and lead keyboardist of local latin funkers Suénalo brought a unique flare to TBKG’s Unplugged Sessions II. His voice instantly grabbed the attention of the room at the very second “Sentimiento” left his lips.  This Latin acoustic sound that Adrian flawlessly performs will brand Miami’s laid back lifestyle as a city of raw sounds that take ease to our sunny side of the coast.”

More here:


IMG_9489 IMG_9188

And what is even more so, his band: Suenalo


Mario Lopez introduces Suenalo

and much more!

I´ll be representing them all around. Their style is totally Miami and is totally able to get you in a great mood every single time. Both things that I stand up for.

They have been on TV, radio, tours and more. Be sure to check them out.

Bro, say what you like, I am cheesy all the way. It is who I am. I am proud of you, your music and love chatting to you whenever. Your killer laid back style is admirable and remember kiddo, no matter where I go, you are right there with me. It is in my blood, this passion of music, you helped create it. And that is forever. Happy birthday bro!

For the rest of my lovely and amazing followers and friends, let me know what you think. Let them know! It is all about love and sharing the word. Thanks for being there after all this time, thanks for sticking up for me and for loving me just the way I am.

Ok, back to it! Lastly, some great treasures that you will love.

DSC02123 DSC02154


Have a rocking day,

The Always Believer


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