Seriously? My body, my rules.

Darling World Creator,

I am here with you another day forever calling you World Creator because that is what you are. You are a World Creator.

Whatever you do with your life has the power to change the world. On top of that, you are your own World Creator.

I welcome you in another train of inner thoughts as my days as a 20 something year old become more serious and thought out.

It’s time for a change, I say. It’s time to move on, I repeat. Seriously, there is are some things that just need to be long gone. What am I talking about? Body issues.

Yes, I said it, yes I declared it. I am typing about it.

Want to know why? 

I created this space to express positive vibe to the world, I had this idea in my head to make this happen for me, to lend a helping hand to spread the love. The world needs more positive vibes in it and I want to stand loud and proud being part of the happy side of it.

Back to the subject in hand, body issues.

At this day and age, where you can love you want, be who you want, dress how you like, go wherever you like…

How come the way we look is still so important?

Let’s get more sincere. As a child I was taught to be skinny and healthy. I was into sports and of course, that kept me in track. As a teenager, I was quite a looker. Mainly because I grew faster than the rest of the girls in my class and I am latin. In other words,my body type wasn’t the rest from everyone else. Throughout my teenage years, I modeled, acted, played sports and been the eye of the ball. Within all these events, I had horrible eating habits. They taught to be even skinnier, to eat less, to be taller, to smile more, to have my hair bun tighter, to have my make up face always on, to be this model child.

Long story short, ended up starving myself, being hospitalized and then recovering it all back. As soon as I did, I didn’t look at myself the same way. It took me a long time to get to where I am now. That is a story for another day.

Now. This moment. I battle from time to time with my body but not because I think I am fat, gosh no, but because I want to be healthier. That is my goal. And as I work out every day I can, as I achieve my goals as usual, I learn to understand that my body is different. I may not lose weight fast or be able to have a thigh gap, or what other absurdity that is on the plate right now. I do know that I have come to love my body. Each day more, I get less tired of it and learn to love it more. I love being who I am and how I am. If you tell me to go to the beach, I’m in! I am comfortable in getting in a bikini now and exposing my tan body.

The media in its whole did fed us this image for the past fifty and more years. They did their job and continue to do so in the same way others do theirs. They do have big power on children and women in any way possible, they can still get to us, if we let them. Truthfully speaking it’s us that buy into it. By now, we are so obsessed about how much people weigh or look like that we overlook everything else. We look at a women’s success, no matter how big it is, if she does not fit the “pretty” scale, we will always look down on her, for almost having it all.

Your body, your rules

After all, what is a woman other than her appearance? How is it that we only care how look she looks doing something rather than acknowledging her success, which is much greater than what she looks like.

In the life what we have brought on for ourselves, we look at the physical attributes as having the biggest power. We judge each other just by what we are wearing and how we look like. We search for people’s approval of us as we were thirsty in the middle of the Sahara desert. It is an ever-growing feeling being praised for the way we look, since it is the first thing we see.

Our love for seeing other people being human goes far and wide on this one, not only weight wise but any gossip in between. We love seeing people being people. That is how we get caught up in their lives and right then and there, the body image market takes a jump for us. Knowing that at that moment we are weak and not thinking correctly about ourselves. Hence the cycle continues.


Now, after all this said and thought out. I want to bring you the change. I have looked around and found that there is a change happening finally. Social media wise. We finally have women standing up for us, being proud of their body, just the way it is. We finally have women telling it how it is. Hence, the plus side of wanting to see the human being in its best form, exactly naked. Not only talking about body but also soul.

As I sit around on a Saturday afternoon listening to girlfriends talk about body issues, it being a mixture of what I said above, I also see that the names film and tv stars often pop up and that they have changed their point of view. They point out that they are beginning to accept and love their body because of those stars. The star industry is changing and with that women’s minds.

Not that we need them to remind us, it just helps having positive attitude towards as essential as loving yourself. 

At the end of the day, Cosmo isn’t the problem, Vogue isn’t the problem, media isn’t the problem. We are. We feed into it. And that is very hard truth to see out since the end result says that we are superficial, shallow and need to be perfect while looking perfect is all that matters. If we want this to end, we have to remember that our bodies are perfect the way they are. We have to remember that those stars that we see are just people like you and me. We have to remind ourselves that beauty isn’t the top power anymore. As soon as we know this fact within ourselves, we help change the way social media works towards it.


I want to stand for that change. These simple lines, this post on my page, this message I am sending out is for you to love your body, just the way it is. I want that thought to rule out anything else. I want this to be another sign of self-love and be another stepping stone into making that change.

Embrace who you are, be proud of it, be you. 

Spread the love.

Have a wonderful day,

The Always Believer

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