So, how much do you make?

Hi Team Flyer,

Today´s topic is all about things bloggers are tired of hearing …. like, how much do you make? And many others of the sort.

Let´s get to it and make sure you let me know your own tales down below, we are a team, whether you are a blogger, a youtuber or anything in between, let´s vent and stand together!

Number 1:  How much do you make? 

Excuse me, are you keeping account on my credit score? Are you going to give me a loan? Are you wondering if what kind of gift am I going to give you by knowing my paycheck? And before we continue, how much do YOU make?

How is it that this question is real and possible to ask the moment you say you are a blogger… I know the idea of being a blogger is still somewhat new,  all the same,  we don´t go asking bankers, teachers, bus drivers, department store clerks, etc… how much they make on a regular basis, now do we?




Number two:  Your job is really easy, all you do is take pictures and upload them, write a few times a week and click send, that leaves you with so much free time!

Of course, it is as easy as that…. not! The finished product that you see has taken a long time to build up and get going. Not only are we talking about taking a good amount of pictures, such like 100 or so, to get the right one, we are talking about then editing it, which also takes its time and then of course, knowing the right caption and moment to upload it to hit the right momentum.

And when it comes to writing? First of all, inspiration is key and it is not always there. Writing on end to post a couple of times a week is not as easy as it looks. Not only do we have to create great content for the readers, we also have to stay consistent, true to ourselves and share everything we do in all sorts of social media.

As for last and not least, the whole building up a community, a place where the viewers turn to you, a page where they feel wanted and you do your best to take care of them… all that takes time. Takes time, patience, consistency and loads of love. And that every single day while doing other regular things on the side is definitely not an easy task.


Number three: Being on social media all day must be fun and also the easiest part!

Honey, sweetheart, my social media is work. Yes, work is fun for me because I have allowed myself to do a job that I love to do… nonetheless, it is work. Anytime you see anything posted on any of my social media, it has been properly meditated, thought of, taken care of  and assured that *that* is the right moment for it. Whereas, you, using social media for free time leisure, you don´t mind the time nor the place you post things, you do it for other reasons.

Not only if all this strategizing and growing will take up a lot of time, another big part of what we bloggers do is comment on other pages, share other people´s things, spread on our word out there through blogs, pages, social media feed and keep building our own community up the best way possible.

As Coming up Roses best said: ¨The job of a blogger includes (but is not limited to): writing, editing, shooting photography, editing said photography, content planning, negotiating contracts, emailing/pitching brands, networking, learning and mastering every social media platform, accounting, growth projections, and really, a lot of just in-the-moment elbow grease.¨




Number four: So, you must blog about everything that is happening to you at this moment!

No, no, not at all. First of all, I do keep a lot of things private. And second of all, most of the time, all my blog posts are months in advance. So, all that you see at that moment might have been happening a couple months ago. And those posts that happen to be accurate with the moment, yes those were written the same week yet even those have some privacy limits. Even if I do say a lot of what is happening with me, it doesn´t mean I share who I hang with, where I party or many other things…

And of course, social media much like my favorite, Instagram and its Instastories… of course, those I can share day to day things and I still choose what to share carefully. There you can see party nights, all nighters full of books, meetings, school, kids, my beautiful city and whatever I feel like sharing. And if I am with someone? I always ask permission. As one should do.


Number five: This is just a transition job, isn´t it?

Of course, honey. I am going to school for this and spending my free time working on my page and upcoming career because it is a transition phase in my life… that makes perfect sense. This is an actual job, this is a thing in 2017 and so on and so forth. Yes, I went back to school in my late twenties because it is something I was finally able to do, study something I really enjoy. And yes, I will have some back up ideas and places to go to…

However, this whole thing is the real thing. This is what I want to do with my life. I want to blast my page and the community we build to help others and stand united. That´s it. Doesn´t sound silly, right?

So, sweetie… this is my job, hours in, more hours in and then working even some more…. It ain´t the 9-5 job you all want and I do… I believe in this and know it works. Check your facts.


Okay Team Flyer, Fellow Blogger, Fellow Fan, Fellow Believer of your dreams… 

There are many more questions and comments on this subject, this I know for sure. Spill some of yours down below, we are all in this together. And if this made you smile, chuckle, nod and say ¨yes, yes, yes to all of the above!¨ be sre to share the post, send some likes and keep on spreading the love.

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Love always,

The Always Believer

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