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Some family loving

Hey Team Flyer!

Last weekend was a full on family weekend. And that was a whole new some family loving world for me. We spent Saturday with my husband’s family and Sunday with mine, which is all the same to me. You see, as a world traveler and coming from a divided family, most of time spent on this Earth was with friends or passengers. I moved countless times and met hundreds of people along the way.

So, something that has to do with all family all the time, is a brand new concept to me. Yes, sure, I get along with family members and have seen them over time, yet nothing as stable as getting some family loving on a constant basis. Hence why I was so overwhelmed and emotional.

Yup, that is exactly what it was. Recently moving here and living with my husband’s immediate family has been a whole new ride. We all get along, love each other and are pretty easy-going. Nonetheless, we have to adapt to each other and be there through all the feelings. Something as logical for you, for me is abstract. I lived with countless roommates too and at the end of the day we all go back to our rooms and that is that. Here, we are here. There are 6 of us, plus a dog and a cat among other pets. And we see each other a bit, yet at the same time not a lot.

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Anyways, back to the point. Family. These human beings that love and support you no matter what. Those. Whereas I’ve spent years forming my own family and being on my own, now I got one right from the moment go, just because. And that is surreal. Because I really feel all of my family, blood related or husband’s is brand new to me. I feel safe and happy at home. We all help each other and we are able to talk things through.

Now, for more of an inner look; this also means that it got to be a bit too much. Why? I am not used to spending so much time with people at home, in such a relaxed environment, where you can do what you want. Why? Because I need to accept that I got this love for being who I am. I need to realized my worth. There is something about me that I still don’t give myself full credit. And that is where the realness lies. The fact that I can move, wear, listen to, do whatever I want at all times… makes me feel free and shocked.

To the point where that Saturday night, past midnight, past when the family left, I bawled my eyes out with my husband. Tears came flooding down like there was no tomorrow. I needed to let it all out and let him know too. He understood and told me great advice. (Honorable mention: the following day I explained to my sister in law, which is also new in my life, and she told me that it is normal. Then, she said to talk to them and from there, accept all the love too.)

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You know, it takes so many years with friends. (plus, you usually don’t live with each other.) And here comes this family, and boom, overnight, they know me, they got me, they get it. And that is where all the puzzle pieces fall into place. I got family. Believe me, it has taken me a long while to get here. To realize the fact, to see that I am worth it and know that I deserve these beautiful souls in my life.

I still need to remind myself my worth and give myself more credit. Baby steps, it will happen with time. This move is nothing small. This move into a whole new life, no matter how much I was raised here, is a huge thing. For my heart, mind and body. Adapting to brand new people and lots of new culture, this way of life – from buzzing Barcelona to slow suburbia -, letting them all in and knowing that they got my back.

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I didn’t have to go into specifics on my weekend. It could have been anything. Last one happened to be a funeral and a 60th wedding anniversary. Both all-day family events. Both interesting, full of light and novelties. We spent Sunday with my family, the same one that I didn’t see in 15 years, the same one that we are forming a new relationship as we speak. On the way back home on Sunday, I was with my husband, his aunt and cousin and sister. And after a long Saturday and Sunday, I burst into tears. Again. This time around letting them know my feelings and showing my truest self.

And that right there was magic. It was such a wonderful weekend. I don’t know your life story, if you are close or not to your family… the best advice I can give you is to tell those people that you love them and spend time with them. Be grateful of what and who you have. I know I am with my friends, my Ohana, and now my family. It will still take time to adapt yet believe me when I say it will all be more than amazing.

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