Sometimes we forgot why we walk

Hi Team Flyer!

How are you??

I wanted to touch base with you again… because seriously, we forget a bit too many times why we choose the certain path we do and we have decided to walk down it…

You see, here I am on a Saturday night writing this, I have been studying all day today and working as much as I can. Tomorrow more of the same. Next weekend more of the same and then again, some of the same… And no, my intention is not making this a sad post, not at all… I don´t feel like I am stuck at home doing what I am doing…

You see, I decided to study at 28 because I wanted to, because I allowed myself to, because I wanted to fall in love with myself all over again, because seriously… I want to better my life.  And let´s go to the truth of things, I do get frustrated sometimes… When I study and work part-time job in a work field that doesn´t fulfill me anymore, yes, I do get a bit angry sometimes with time issues, since all I got is the weekend to study for my million subjects, work on The Always Believer and dream come true, all while having a social life if any… 

I am still madly in love with this site, not only this site, not only my social media, but with my idea, with what I want to do, with wanting my dream to come true, with everything on this path …. I want to work day in and day out to inspire other, to help others, to sell my designs, to talk to all of you, to go on live, to go write more books, to be more on TV, to just spread the message across and make this world a better place. To give my two cents in and make them count!




And as I work for these goals turning into one main one, I see other accounts which are also lovely and dashing, who get thousands of likes, of comments and shares. I get crazy anxious thinking that all my previous posts aren´t being read as much as they should be. I feel completely mad at myself for not doing more, for not getting it… for not being up there and flying high already.  Do I feel envious of others? No! That is not the point! The point is that I want to work as hard as them to get to where they are. Not to be like them, but to spread my own wings and fly. I want to do that. I want to do that with all my heart…

And crash... before I learn to fully fly on my own, I come to a full stop because I don´t know how to get any further. Not only do I need to keep reminding myself to have patience, to take it easy…I also need help finding the missing pieces for the whole thing to work, I need to let myself know that I also need a break and that trying to fly 24/7 isn´t going to get me there any sooner if I don´t know how to fly in some ways…

Most of all, I need a reminder of why I walk. 



How so, you may ask?

For the past few years, I have been figuring myself out, who I am and what I wanted to do. Leaving me other priorities and this one not so present thinking it wasn´t that big or actually not giving myself a proper chance. And when I finally realized what I wanted and opened my eyes, I turned my life around.  Babe, you´ve heard me say this a million times before and it´s true. I got into school. I got into marketing and advertising, I got into writing and I got into one of those missing puzzle pieces.  I went into this lifestyle of a part-time job as an Au Pair, in someone´s house, at 28… so I can go study college. Regardless the age, this was they only way I could have managed to do this…

This is my way of helping myself. 

That is why I am walking. 

This was the help I needed to give to myself.

Sure, some people don´t need to study in order to make it big and that is great. They had that inner spark in them. They had it and they did it. And good for them. I needed to think about myself and put myself first. Actually, sit down and say to myself that it is okay to ask for help and if that wasn´t enough, why not actually study something that will help your dream become bigger?

You see, this is all spitballing now because it has been on my chest for a while and no matter who reads this, I sure hope it helps. Because what does it mean what we forget to walk?




I get so concentrated and spend tons and tons and tons of energy on The Always Believer, my baby, which is great and all… and for the parts that I get frustrated that I am not going places yet, I have to stop and remember that I am walking. My version of walking is actually studying what I need to study in order to get me places. Not only in the a field I see myself in, most of all, helping The Always Believer.

Sure, I would love to have this whole thing flying higher, yet things come in time. I must concentrate more on my studies and remember, day in and day out, that all my high scores and time spent at school is the biggest helping tool yet. Because thanks to that, not only will I know more about something I love and open my doors in companies all around the world, I would also have the biggest treasure of them all; more life experience and knowledge to help this page and everything what I want to do that comes from here.

Thank you, dear Team Flyer, for being there through any social media, through my posts, through my thoughts, through my videos, through my designs, though my instastories, through any shape, way or form… You make my life much better. You are my true passion and I will promise you that I will always continue to do what I love to do the most, THIS. 




Let me know what you have on your mind, let me know how do you walk, let me know it all!

Keep spreading the love, share this post, send it all across, let us remember why we walk. 


The Always Believer


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