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Usually. with #SorryNotSorry, it is pretty easy to put together.  Here´s a preview! Enjoy!

The Always Believer



I’m a proud feminist.

There, I said it.

Now, I know what’s up in your mind. I must really hate men, and I must be one of those crazy girls who refuse to wear bras and do their eyebrows. Well, grow up. There is so much more to the term “feminism” than most of us even consider.

To start with, feminism is not synonymous with man-hating. I will respect every person who deserves my respect, and that is the only criteria. I will hate you only if you’re a person who believes having testosterone and a penis makes a human being superior to all others who don’t.

Second, being a feminist does not mean we stop being rational. All we advocate is, our body, our rules. Freedom is equal for all, and therefore a woman should be able to choose what she wants in her life. She must have the right to live her life on her terms and not be ridiculed and outcast for it. I’m not saying she can go murder someone and go scot-free, but that as long as she doesn’t harm others, she should be good to go. Thinking out loud, if her not doing her eyebrows “hurts your eyes” I think you deserve to live in pain anyways.

Third, feminism doesn’t fight only for women. We stand for all men who are affected by the patriarchal set of social norms and roles. Feminists believe that the baby boy who suffers trauma when he watches his father hit his mom deserves better. Feminists believe that the man who loves fine arts more than sports has all the right to choose his passion. Feminists believe that the husband who likes to change his baby’s diapers should be free to do so without being judged as being effeminate.

What I am trying to say here is, feminism doesn’t mean hate and being radical. It means just knowing that as a woman, we’re not better or worse than anyone. That human rights are not only meant for “man” but for all of homo sapiens. That our voice is just as important as a man’s, and we cannot be dictated by anyone.



Have you ever been to a crowded area? Pick up the face of any teen girl, that’s me. I’m your average girl who has her dreams, her pain, her joy, her insecurities, her love, her drama, her peace. I am the girl who likes good grades and works for them, I’m the girl who is trying to fit in and stand out at the same time. I’m the girl who has her little group of friends and maybe a boyfriend but still feels lonely sometimes. I’m the girl who likes to make others happy. I’m the girl who can cry herself to sleep every night, and put on a fake smile every morning.


That Girl´s Words

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