#SorryNotSorry: Small but powerful thoughts to fight the fear of new

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As this week rolls up, for #SorryNotSorry, we have Xeno. He lets us  now how small thoughts can help us fight the fear of something new with four simple thoughts.

Most of all let fear rule our lives as it was the king and queen of it, as it were a life long battle or if it we were only allowed to dream. That right there is silly. Yes, of course, we are human and fear is a feeling that we are allowed to have. Nonetheless, letting it rule over our lives is pointless.

Xeno expresses this well in his post. We were caught up reading it, had to contact him and were allowed to add a bit of it on our page. Take a look see:

“First of all, you will still be afraid. One conscious step will not completely eliminate fear, it never really goes away. Doers (people who do instead of just talk about something) still feel fear but they act in spite of it. They are brave. Yes, we can become brave too.

Second, it’s not a one-time battle. Fear will keep finding you and will persist in trying to impose its power over you. It’s a dictator that wants to be in charge of everything. Just because you have won one battle against fear, it doesn’t mean you have won the never-ending war. Hence, you need to exercise awareness of fear and be consistent in not allowing it to control you. “

Then he goes on expressing these four main points:

It’s okay to fail: You can’t do something new without failing, at least once. Think about learning how to ride a bike. You will literally fall off it as you attempt to learn it. Think about finally learning how to cook. You will make at least one burnt egg in your lifetime. When you write, you will create at least one terrible draft. “

Other people don’t really think about you: We often worry about what others will think of us when we attempt something new. They will laugh when I fail. They will label me weird if I study the mandolin. They will talk about me because I’m the only one who wants to do this. They. They. They. Why should we place the decision-making in the hands of other people? “

Action is always better than words and thoughts: Doers are more respectful than talkers. If you keep on telling your friends and family that you will begin to lose weight for months but never get around to doing it, you paint yourself as a loser. There is no merit in expressing you want to do something until you take the steps to do it. “

You don’t want to live a life full of “What if”, “If only” and “I should’ve”: Society has been programmed to be afraid of doing something new. We have been wired to love comfort, revel in it, and cherish it, to the detriment of living a life of routine, a life so mundane. We miss the true thrill of life, experiencing many things because we hesitate, we are afraid.”

We agree with all these thoughts, that no matter what society has told us what to do or believe in, we are starting to be #SorryNotSorry. Because it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, all that matter is that you go out and live your dreams as much as you can. Do them, go for them and remember that after all, it is Your Life.

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