Soul train

Back on the train we go,

I´ve taken some steps back to recover from everything that was going on. Once again, it was way too much too fast and we all know how that ends. Not well. Of course. Too many things in too little time, mind and brain can´t go that fast and they have to rest a certain time too.

As the year is almost ending, I am one of those that reflects. Not a lot, a lot… just enough to sprinkle some magic for my new year due to learnings of this ones. Before I continue about the things I learnt and so on, I want to state that I want to get back on the soul train.

A soul train? What´s that? It´s that journey that feeds your soul the best way possible, that path that you know is all glories and a bit rocky at times to learn even more…. that one! I got off a bit ago since I was overwhelmed by my surroundings. And  now, I want to hop back on!

I want to feel free and I need to slow down my train again. Sure, it is not going as fast as I want, not that I gave up, I am just listening to my body more carefully this time around. I think that creative brains like mine are on too many things at the same time, it just one thing after another and that has been in certain times. Either learning new things, writing back to people, thinking of people from that city, this city, people from all over,working and much more is on overdrive.

Is it easy? I think anything is as easy as you make it out to be, really. I want to make it easy. I´ve always learned how to fly before I can walk and that my friend, ain´t nice! I have to get back on this new year by walking my new path. Yes, I moved and changed everything so that was all about flying, now slowing down again and doing things one by one. I talk a lot about how multi-tasking is part of our day-to-day life and how it helps us. It does to a point, to keep our brain upbeat and ready for many things to come at the same time. Yet, something that I seem to need constant reminder of is to Slow Down. I think this is where yoga comes in handy or something like that.


I shared with you recently, I am sharing you with you again. The whole purpose of this is to help one another. I am happy that these lines in any device you are reading them on, are being read by you. There are in your eyes for a reason and I am happy to be part of that. We all need reminders to calm down, we live in a fast paced world that allows us to do so much. Maybe it´s the holidays for some, as I said, it doesn´t affect me the same one as the rest, maybe it´s workload… we all need to stop and slow down.

I, for one, mainly want to be back on that soul train. As I continue searching for my own path, I will also find the tools to help me and help you.  My next step (or stop, if you take the train connection) is to organize myself and prioritize. Think, reflect and know what I want. Meanwhile? Because, we all know life continues… Live my life as slow as I can, doing one thing at a time, focusing on one thing at time.


And who knows, maybe this time, writing it all out and knowing I have you to remind me, it will all work better. After all, I do get better each and every time.

Thank for the love, thanks for the smiles. Keep commenting and more!

The Always Believer


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