Step to the step


Hello wonderful ones!!

Interesting title, right? What do we mean by step to the step?

Many things in one, however the main issue we can point out is:

Everyone is a beginner sometime.

In other words:

Even the greatest people in this world started with one simple step.

After all, one is better than zero. One run is better than none. One email is better than none. One try is better than none. One step is better than none.

What is up with all this?

Today we wanted to remind you that you are amazing. You already have done so many wonderful things in your life. You need to know that you can keep going. You can take that step into greatness.

With our help? Well, we are here to motivate you. That is why you tune in. And with that, we can help you this way.

With the first step you take towards your goal, towards a happier day, towards something you are passionate about, towards a wardrobe change, towards a brand new holiday, towards a Saturday night out…. towards what makes you the happiest, is better than no steps at all.

All these people who are in the hall of fame, who are presidents, who are caregivers, who are parents, who are fashion designers, who are writers, who are astronauts, who fight for human rights… all those were newbies. All the doctors, nurses, fire fighters, teachers, politicians, police man/women, army, inventors… all of them were brand new once. And each and every one of them are great at what they do today. Why? Because they followed their passion, took the first step and took it “step to the step.”

Same goes to you, how come you think you can’t make it that big? How come you think you are not able? You are as skilled as them as long as your passion drives you there. Take it “step to the step”. Take it one day at a time, as long as you immerse yourself into doing it, as long as you take the very first step, you have already started your great journey.

We are happy to motivate you, we are happy that you are here. You heard about us through any of our social media. And you are here. We want to spread the love as far and wide as possible, we took the first step and posted our first post long time ago. Little by little, creating our own reality.


We took it “Step to the step”! And come on, we encourage you to do the same. Get out there, do what you want to do, learn how to play guitar, learn how to cook, learn sign language, do what makes you happy.

No fear allowed, just one step or “Step to the Step” at a time.

Let us know what you want to make your first step with! Spread the message and most of all, spread the love.

The Always Believer


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