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Stop! Stop whatever you are doing right now and read the follow-up two questions!

Last week we talked through having a life balance. We gave you a couple of questions that needed to be responded in your personal time and you need to take your time answering them too.

It was all about finding a balance between your four main life areas: Spiritual, Family, Health and Work. (A bit of last week´s post: And if any of those areas reaches unbalance of any kind, the rest of our life is unbalanced. This is why people who are wealthy, healthy, have a great family base can still feel empty. Or why parents who raise kids with love and do the right the thing, these kids still feel a bit lost.)

We answered question one and two, let´s tackle the next two!

Ready for question 3 and 4?

Let’s do this!

3) Do you want to get married… to be married? When? Why? And how does my family life look like in long-term?

Our society, our culture, our way of living life has pushed this question so far that it has become an automatic thought. We are trained to find a deeper connection with someone and from that point, falling in love and getting married. All that as an endgame. Nothing bad if that is what you want, all the same, it doesn’t have to be the result of love.

Going back to the main focus point: You need to know what you want and reach those goals. Yes, life can deal you fast balls and more, be that as it may, you need to be prepared and focus on what you want. Why would you go across town when you really need to go next-door? In other words, why would you do extra work when you can just go after what you want?

A well-known sentence is: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Define what marriage and family means to you. By the time you an adult, you have reached a clear idea of an age of when you want to get married, what personality traits you want them to have, what kind of family you want to build, etc.. the real things. Even though life can still go many ways and you may end up with kids early on or later on, still, planning and having a clear idea of what you want is fundamental. All that brings you balance. Why? Because you have sat down with yourself, stopped and think these questions and realized what you wanted.

And that is precisely the point of all this, knowing what you want and what you want to do with your life. Ask yourself the most important questions about this matter, define your non-negotiable list, define an idea. And find a way to have that balance to get to where you want. Whether you are divorced, single, widowed or anything else in between, you are in the right position to have the life you want. The family life you want, the balance you want.

4) How important is health in your life? What can I do to maintain myself healthy today and for the years to come?

We all love being healthy. Doesn’t mean to be skinny or eating salads each day, it just means to be healthy. One thing is saying it and another thing is doing. And apart from the regular runs and fruit-eating, it is also a manner of additions, routines and medications. Extremes are not good, we want you to find a balance. You can get a set routine that doesn’t make your fitness your who life, nor that you need to pop pills every day to gain more muscle.

We forget all the time that if we lose our health, we lose everything. Absolutely everything. How many times have you been sick and felt like it was the end of the world? Come on, how many times you really realized how important health is when you were ill? You are blessed now, you are healthy. And if part of you isn’t, you are still able to work on it, one way or another.

Not only do we continue to eat junk food and drinks, we take medicine to treat our symptoms as soon as we have the slightest of pain, we allow that all these man-made products take over our life.

An impressive food for thought: “In our youth we sacrifice our health to gain our wealth. In our retirement, we spend our wealth to regain our health.”

A pure shame, a pure disaster that we let happen right before our eyes. Taking away our chance to see our grandchildren grow, to discover newfound places in our retirement years, to lose life’s sweetest moments, simply because we worked ourselves so hard that we let it pass by.

This is where you come in to reply to this question: How do you define health? What habits do you add to your life to make yourself a healthier and longer living human being?

Keep asking yourself the following questions: Why do I want to be healthy? How long do I want to live? What habits can I change in my life right now to have a better retirement?

Create rules, be strict with yourself, be full on Sargent by now. You are an adult. And even if you are not and still reading this, you are a human being. A person in this world that has set out to make the world a better place. So, it is up to you to make your life healthier in order to go out and fulfill your goals.

Please, let us know your thoughts and your stories. We love to spread the love… 🙂

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