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Stop whatever it is that you are doing and read the following news:

When you stop and think about it, our lives are really magnificent. Each day is a brand new opportunity to find what we are looking for, to discover beautiful things, to learn more about ourselves and to appreciate the little things that make us smile.

We all go through our million phases, million train of thoughts, million of times that we didn’t know how to get out of that situation. And then boom! We stop for a second and realize what we DO have around us and we are surrounded by. Because we still feel empty, because we all feel that we are missing one thing, we need to stop and open our eyes.

Human experience is divided into four different areas: Spiritual, Family, Health and Work. And if any of those areas reaches unbalances of any kind, the rest of our life is unbalanced. This is why people who are wealthy, healthy, have a great family base can still feel empty. Or why parents who raise kids with love and do the right the thing, these kids still feel a bit lost.

We need to stop and realize that this empty feeling is because of the lack of balance.

Most of the time we get carried away with what we are doing and forget about how to maintain a balance. In other words, you always say that you will think about it later. And then we continue doing life, blindly, no target in mind, no chance of creating a life that we love.

As you know by now, we love questioning your life and this is one of those posts that puts your life into perspective.

Here are four questions that you need to sit down and ask yourself:

1) Is there a superior being watching over us? And how does that affect our behaviour?

I once got told the following: “Every decision you ever make is a result of how you define God.” My name has always been “The Always Believer”, as you are mighty aware of. For all the right reasons that you know by now, such as: I always believe in something better for me. I have always known that there was a better place out there for me. That whenever it felt like the end, it really wasn’t the end. Because I Always Believed. I Always Did. And that right there is the basis of everything I write and do in my life.

All this journey that is finding yourself and having a ground base of what you believe in is part of life itself. Because at the end of the day, we all believe in something or someone. And that right there is an essential part of how we all unite.

Not even bringing religion in the topic, because everyone is free to be whatever they want, just the notion of knowing that if you believe and do good, the outcome will be outstanding. As for you, you need to realize that an undefined faith is a dangerous places for all humans. Maybe it is just trusting in a spark of something, in a hobby, in a sports player, in something overall, that all it takes for you to get the reign of balance into your life.

Believe in yourself and what you want to do with your life. That is more than fundamental. Take your time to know what you believe in and don’t. Focus on what you think is better and define it. Be fully there with it and with that you will take the next step to create the life that you love.

2) What do I love to do that can also provide a stable income?

I truly believe that humans are meant to be doing so much more with their lives. Waking up five times a week, leading with traffic, heading into an office and sit in front of a computer for eight hours is not endgame for all of us. Sure, some don’t mind, some really like it, some are alright with swinging by….

Being realistic about all this: our bodies and mind are meant to be doing so much more. After 8 hours of working at something that you don’t really care about, you head home tired, to eat and go back to bed… to do it all over again tomorrow. Nope, that is not life. That is not life, at all. The sentence “If we hate our work, we hate our life.” applies to a lot of people all over the world. This is something that needs to change and it is part of those four things that keep you in balance.

What we do every day needs to be passion-filled and purpose-driven. At all times. It is something we enjoy doing so much that just by encountering with others, we get to fill them up with the cheer glee that we have. Stop thinking about money, income or the simple path of staying in your job because it is available.

We need to define the job that we love, we need to stand up for what we love to do and having no fear of doing so. We live in a world where everything and anything is possible. You see it right before your eyes, you see it happen time and time again. It is time that you get together with those and hop along that train. There is no way that the only option you have is to settle.

Find that thing you are passionate about, find it while you work, find it for your own welfare, find it, discover it, chase it, tackle it, hunt it, hug it and go for it. Do it, live it as there is no time to do anything else that you aren’t meant to be doing nor want to do.

For today, these couple of questions is a lot to think about and meditate on. Think hard, think relaxed, think about yourself and how you can better your life.

Stop and think! Life is splendid, no matter how you look at it, that will always be the outcome. After all, as long as you believe and push forward, the good will always outcome the bad.

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Take care and stop to think!

The Always Believer


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