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Hi Team Flyer!

How are you? Here we are with wise words of the day, we are talking all about the fact that we beat ourselves way too much and that it is the only acceptable form to talk to oneself, as well.

Well there babe, stop right there for just one second. Now, focus on what I am about to say, focus on these next few words:

Take all those negativity, rough, annoying little thoughts out of your head, one by one, piece by piece… how does that feel? How does it feel to look at yourself through a clearer vision, through a place that comes out of love, through a brand new point of view?

To some, this little exercise came uneasy to them, that is because your ego is making you think otherwise. This is because your ego was already used to talking down to you and then to get away from that comfort zone, or any, it is something take makes us uncomfortable, even unbearable at times. How is that something that is making us lighter and can help us feel better about oneself, is actually making us feel like we are crazy or don´t deserve what we are receiving from ourselves.



What is an ego, actually?

It is something that we can´t see or touch, yet it has been one of our closest pals since we could ever remember. This ego might look like a clay structure, where you are able to mold it however you like, anytime you like. You are feeding this clay piece in any way possible, through many resources and feedbacks, no matter what you do, no matter you think or say, this little ball of clay can turn anyway you want it to.

And as long as we are talking about art pieces, you know I am a huge fan of letting you know how much of a masterpiece you are… because you are, you are a piece in the making and the master kind, also know as, as very well stated, a masterpiece…

And that means, my Flyer, that we can move it around any way we like, that we can build our own little clay piece and rebuild it as many times as we like, in order to be stronger and most of all, be who we want to be.


Be Who You Are, Be Present

This is all about loving who you are at this moment, understanding your goals, your ups, your downs and your feelings all in between. You need to accept who you are in this moment in order for you to move forward to something else you want to be or add on or take out….

And even though, knowing who you are at this moment will make you more conscious on the move forward, this doesn´t mean that you won´t be striving to better at it is that you want to do. It just means that you are being a step ahead into the game and being able to motivate yourself to actually make your goal come true.

What I usually do when I talk down to myself is take a step back, remind myself who I am at this moment, give myself some self positive talk and most of all, if all that doesn´t work, I write reminders of what I like about myself, about my job or whatever area I need at that time. This serves as a great exercise to also see the positive in every area in your life.





Accept those things that come your way that you have no control over

You can´t control everything in life, no matter what your ego really tries to make you feel like you do, you can however, control how you feel about something. No matter it is someone or something letting us down and that right there can hit us hard, we can´t let it go to our head and heart. Even if we lead it to the fact that things might not look our way, we can look in instead of out. We can look at how we can change our own behavior with the subject, instead of pushing ourselves down even more, we can see what other solutions we can find for future references and move on.

Of course, easier said than done, yet instead of really thinking of yourself as the worst human out there, re-evaluate what has happened, think back and meditate on that. Meanwhile, that allows you to give yourself positive feedback as well as a much realistic one. After all, there are many things in life we can´t control and there are far too many things too, so why don´t we all just control our own train of thoughts and feelings and start there?


Be Proud

Be happy and proud of what you bring to the table and don´t let those haters shake you down. Especially the ones that come from inside. If you identify with negative thoughts, that is all you are ever going to see. You have to surround yourself with positive self talk and remembering what you are all about.

Beating oneself up is a hard action to stop doing, it takes time, practice and courage, like everything else in life. And specially to stand up for yourself. Once we gone over the task of loving ourselves more and leaving that dead weight behind, we come more open to new ideas and adventures. Learning this important life skill will give you the best end goal you can have. Which is all about loving oneself, day in, day out and a nice inner sense of peace that you won´t be able to find anywhere else.

Things take time, everything takes time.

Take time out today, tomorrow and every day; for you and for you get that self-love you need and deserve. No more being tough on yourself, you are able to win the fight and learn from it all.

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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