Summer is a state of mind

Hey Team Flyer!!

No, it isn´t Summer yet, however since I will be working my way all the way to Fall, this two week break is my kind of miniature Summer… (Enjoy the random videos from my random self!)

As a matter of a fact, I haven´t been online in a week. As a matter of a fact, I am on my way to get some quality family time. And as a matter of a fact, I made sure I woke up early enough to write to you….  because I am thinking of you and wanted to get in touch.  My first week off has been on the go and relaxing all at the same time.

From spending tons of family time, to celebrating news, to hitting the beach, to volunteering with kids and animals, to seeing my city from high above to playing pool and to disconnecting at. all. times. It´s been quite an emotional week to say the truth, tons of ups and downs (when is my life boring and still? Neva, I say, neva…!!) to deal through and still appreciate the fact I got a week to go to fully relax and get back myself back up. 

It´s been far too long since I´ve thought of myself and this is it.

Yes, it will last longer than these two weeks. Believe me.

I´ve got plenty of e-mails to look at, I´ve got to get back to many of you, I know… (I will be on all that and more as soon as I get re-charged and ready!) Because be that as it may be, I´ve actually achieved staying away from the computer for a full week. Until now, really briefly, as I am on my way out and got a busy fun-loving weekend ahead of me.  (By the way, taking much long than I thought since I love sharing these random videos with you.) You know how much I love to work with all of you!!

I can say I am proud of myself and I can say that I miss you too. No worries, darling, I am taking care of myself and I will be back soon.  I´ll back into a new schedule soon and going to paste this and that together, so bear with me, hang on and get on the ride… You know you are my one and only love.

So, talking about you, novelties and loves catered just for you!


First one ever, babes!

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The Kenyan Nomad

We are teaming up with this lovely page for tons of exchanges, posts and cool other things. Keep this page close to heart and spread Team Flyer onto their page. Check out our post over there by clicking here!

Movement #GoDoFly! Segments: #TruthTuesdays #ThankYouThursdays #SorryNotSorry 

Hello there, for those who what is up with the movement and segments, be sure to write to us and let us know what is on your mind! And for those who don´t know what´s up, click on them and discover the fun! They will be coming out starting June and for as long as we can, week after week, dishing out new vibes and motivational stories all written by you. Real people with real thoughts and cool ideas on their mind. Do it! 🙂

Question time! And Quote Me! 

I´ve been getting tons of emails with more questions about me and wonderful stories that you all want to know…. Please keep sending me questions of any kind and I´d love to reply to them. Even more so, I also love collabs and creating fun new things with other bloggers. Feel free to contact!

Plus, remember there is a #QuoteMe page too! See a quote you like, let me know!

More goodies are coming! 

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Have some examples of their beauties:

By the way, this has tons of YouTube related links because I love YouTube, like duh… Who doesn´t?! Such a great media to show off creativity, emotions and hundreds of reasons to laugh, try new things and keep doing what you love… It is all an inspiration to thousands of people around the world.  #HappyBirthdayYouTube!!

Who is your favorite YouTuber?
Keep enjoying life, keep making the most of your days and remember now, everything is possible as long as you get up and do it.
I am going to leave you with some Disney goodies and other magical goodies for everyone´s taste because I love you! Disney, Avengers, Music, Sesame Street and things that make me laugh over and over again. Take your pick and comment down below which one you love the most!
And off I go to hit the beach and enjoy my state of Summer.  Be sure to keep track and say hey! 🙂
Ariadna Arredondo



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