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Super Black Moon!

Hi Team Flyer!

We are going to praise and talk about the super black moon. All about setting intentions and manifesting dreams into reality. This super black moon comes on July 31st/August 1st, under the sign of Leo. It comes with a powerful message of leaving all the mess behind and embracing new positive tones into your life.

Give yourself a mantra!

For example:

I know myself

I trust myself

I know what is right for me.

I know what is best for me.

I know which way I need to travel.

I know what I need to do.

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Leo is all about owing up to yourself, shining the light on creativity and allowing yourself to break free from all the chaos. Fresh new starts everywhere you look, more self-expressions and re-learn new ways to communicate clearer, nicer and much more efficiently. It all lines up to this and more.

The Super Black Moon aligns perfectly to this new start, especially after the couple of months we’ve been having. This is the perfect time to retreat within, get cozy with ourselves and get to know what our heart really desires. It comes at an ideal time of the year where you can settle into the truth of your being and you make decisions for a better future. On top of that, things will be unfolded your way.

Patience is key

Yes, we are starting month 8 out of 12, meaning that there is still time to shift your energy this year to where you want to be. Super Black Moon is here. This is your chance. The shifts that you are wanting in your life will come to light as long as you remember to look at the small signs as well as the big ones too. Patience with what is to come. Because it will come. To help the flow of the energy process, it is best to sit down with one-self and set the intentions.

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Embrace self-love.

There is no other you in the world. And you are the best thing in your life. You are the fuel that speaks to your soul, you are the soul that lights up your life. You need to remember that it all starts with taking care of one-self and most of all, loving one-self. No one knows us better than ourselves. As this transformation has happened and we feel elevated, we are given the opportunity to create bigger and greater ownership of our lives.

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Write it all down

Set your intentions. Write your story out. Meditate. Journal your thoughts. There are different ways to set your intentions and know yourself better. Take advantage of this time to do so. To make your mark and know exactly what you want. Manifest it, see it and be one with yourself.

Let us know your thoughts on the Super Black Moon! Be kind, be mindful and be you.

The Always Believer

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