Super Power time!

Learning about your super powers!

Suddenly, you are able to achieve what you want because you are an agent of your own success. Just like the ones in the comics. Get a hold of what you want and go after what. You don’t have to destroy the city, you just have to be bold enough to reach your goal.

Just like in real life and in the shows, most people really don’t like uncertainty. Therefore, going after what you want, you need to be extremely secure in everything you do. Maybe not at all times since we are human beings, yet you need to play the part. People will take you more seriously the moment that you are more certain of yourself and your outcome.

Be precise, babe. With wanting to achieve your dreams and goals, be precise. Why go down the side lines when all you need to focus on is your main goal. Whenever you are talking about your own goals, express yourself as precisely as possible. Be clear with yourself and what you want to achieve in life.

Be who you want to see: yuppers, follow your own lead and they will follow yours. Same goes as surrounding yourself with people who make you grow. If you have your own company and want to take matters to your own hands, do it. As in, if you want to see people being hard workers, be one yourself. Don’t slack off and expect others not to do. Be your own example, be the ideal boss and let them know that you also put in the work. Another quick example; be truthful to your mistakes. If that is who you want by your side, be honest towards them too.

Be the person you want to meet, be the person you want on your team, be the person that makes you proud… because that way all together, you will be surrounded by the team you need. Let it be friends, family, employees, co-workers, anything. That is one super power that you will love to have in order to make your goals happen.

Talking about thinking ahead, be open to other’s people opinion yet don’t take them all too seriously. Behave yourself and listen to others. You know that every decision you have made has been the one you wanted to take. It seemed right at that moment. Maybe not now, nonetheless, stand by your word. People will express their opinion on a constant level, whether it is helpful to you or not. Breath, take it easy and listen.

Ideas and ideas…. wanting to reach your goal means you constantly renovate ideas. Some that seems good to everyone might not be the best idea to follow. Mainly because some of those times,people will just go with the flow of everyone else. Look after those ideas that seem controversial and catch people’s mind. Some of those might stick out and be sure to catch them while you can.

Study: Now, apart from educating yourself in the field that you want to be successful in, this goes even further than school. This is the part where you need to know how the industry works inside and out and put your efforts on the success is defined in that area. Maybe you don’t want to reach the top, maybe you don’t want to do it all. Inform yourself in what you want and how others have gotten there. Day in, day out, this is a key skill to keep in mind while training your super power.

Learn and learn and learn again from everything: No matter what you do, you will learn. No matter how long it takes, you will learn. No matter how many roads you might go through, you will learn. This is life and that is how it works. You know this by now. So while you are learning the ropes on achieving your goal, capture those learning moments too. These help you become stronger and lean towards what you want more. Write them down, keep them in mind and move forward.

On the contrary of that 80% we have said to reach before, we do remind you: go for more than 100%. Why both? Because yes, we can all have days that 80% is all cool and we can come back to it the next day… yet in order to achieve full success with our goals, we must push ourselves beyond that. When we reach a deadline on time is amazing, however when we reach a deadline before the time, it is the freaking dream. We don’t want you tire out nor over-stress. Just stating the fact that being able to reach your goal is done by pushing your limits each step further.

What once was something difficult to achieve, today is just a breeze. No matter what area in life, that is life. That is where you go out on a limb and reach more than what you think you can get.

And the last extra for your own super power needs:

Seize every opportunity. And when the perfect one comes along, grab it and hold it tight. Once every blue moon, you have a special chance…. to travel, to meet someone special, to do something cool, to make a change. When you have that gut feeling yelling jump, then just go for it. It may not be directly in order to reach your goal, it will however, make you indirectly happy. Thrilled, amazed, speechless. And what is better in life than those moments of pure awe and passion?

Focus your energy into that and take that opportunity under your wing. And from then on, that is where your real worth starts to show even more.

Welcome to your superpower, welcome to another step forward.

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Thanks for the read,

The Always Believer

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