SuperStar Blogger Award (Nominations and acceptance)

Hello there darlings,

I am proud to accept this award, SuperStar blogger. I received this award from Belsbror ( who is a wonderful writer. I am happy to follow this blog and it to follow me. Please, click on the link, check it out for yourself and be amazed!

It is a wonderful feeling to get recognized little by little.

This is my dream, this is what I do. Some days more, some days less, every day some. I put my heart into this and I want to spread the love. As we all do. We attract what we give, therefore, I am happy to receive this as much as I love to spread the love. Thank you! Each and every one of you, thank you!



This award came from Yasmeen Sana Baloch of ‘Twinkling Star’. The rules are almost the same with the other awards. Just answer her set of questions and you’re it.

1. What is the most funniest thing about you? – A disorganized brain, I got this idea from Belsbror actually. I thought about it a bit and I do have a random brain. Talking to me, I can come out with the most random questions or comments, and better yet, actions.  And I know that is what makes my friends laugh.

2, Who is your favorite personality? – A person that is motivated and disciplined. A person that knows it is ok to fall down as long as you get back up. A person that loves! That spread the love!

3. What is your lucky thing? – Magic. Believing. That leads to knowing.

4. What is your favorite weather? – Weather where it is hot enough to not wear jackets yet cold enough to not be sweating like crazy.

5. A name that you want to give me. – Myles

I remind you to follow me on WordPress, Glipho, Facebook, Twiter and Instagram. Check it out and have these happy thoughts on a daily basis! Like what you see? Spread the love!

Now to my nominations!!

I am happy to present this to the following:

Each of these make my day better, ideas brighter and keep me motivated! I wanted to give them all my appreciation for everything that they do. And most of all for the love that they spread. It is so important to acknowledge all the hard work that goes on.

Journey to Self-Acceptance:

Good Time Stories:

Lisa De Jong –

Two sides to every coin and other musings:

To Inspire from Within:

Blog me Crazy:

That Girl´s Words  –

Alex –

Twist and Sprinkle –


Skye tells:

Girl without punctuations:

Tiger Bites:

To all of you, have a wonderful 2014 and make those dreams come true. Keep writing and keep loving. Live your life and you will get far, you will shine bright.

May many more followers, fans, friends come along!

Till soon,

The Always Believer


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  1. Hi Always Believer~& thx for following our blog. First off congrats on your award which you clearly deserve & your blog is beautiful! Loved your post love your facts especially your comment on magic as we are lovers of all things magical. We look forward to swinging by & reading more of your posts & are going now to check out the links you have recommended. 🙂

    1. Hello lovely ladies! Thanks for this wonderful comment! I’m happy to also know your blog and will check more out soon. I also love that you love magic, you love everything that shines. You see, my main goal is to put a smile on your face and help your day be a better one. There’s more on my About page so you can see more of who I am. Then there’s plenty to read in every social media! Moving on, I’m so happy with this award. I just love to spread the love and to get recognized by peers is breathtaking. Seriously. Can’t wait to hear more from you! Have a great week and spread the love! Thanks once again for the love!

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