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Dear Team Flyer:

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What’s up with you this Friday?

Let me be a lil kid: Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!

Are you ready for the news? Are you really really ready? Let’s do this !!!

My oh my, what a week it has been.


Last week’s post  was a weekend to remember, then had an off weekend in between (Check this week’s #GoDoFly, link down below) to now… Hello April and BIRTHDAY MONTH!





Okay, okay, so we all know by now that I love sharing my world with you.. This week has been quite full through our site… be sure to check these out and stay with the times, yo.


Monday: A list that will…

Tuesday: Reminder to #GoDoFly

#GoDoFly Wednesday: One door closes, another opens

Thursday: Jot form everyone?


Where are we now?


Oh honey, what I’ve got in store for you!!


#TruthTuesdays : All about saying what is on your mind, all about being the real you, all about embracing who you are exactly who you are…. vent, say what you got and let the world know in our #TruthTuesdays


#ThankYouThursdays : What are you thankful for? Who do you want to thank? Let us know and let the whole word know too. Now, you’ve got a cool way of showing the ones you how you feel in #ThankYouThursdays


#SorryNotSorry : Are you saying sorry too much? Stop apologizing for being who you are. Brush off the little things and tell us what are you #sorrynotsorry about!


And of course #quoteme section! If you came across a sentence, a quote, an image … that you loved, #quoteme! Yup, show me that sentence you loved in this area. I want to know what get your mind inspired and happy. So, hit me up with your feedback!


Are you surprised?


And wait, there is more!!!


On our way: New personalized design, new buttons and great collaborations all throughout the page! Plus, If you participate in any of the above, you will get a treat in the goodie bag.


Are you excited?


I am! We are! Darling, this page is my world, my passion and my goal. You are this page, you are what makes this all happen and this is just the beginning.

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell the world! If there is anyone you know that can use some cheer, wants to write for any of segments or just loves cool image, send them over here!


The more, the merrier!

As for me, this week has gotten better as we speak. You know I bounce back and upward. My best friend and I watched my favorite movie of all time, all three of them: Toy Story !! (Duh!) My smile was back Wednesday night as I had date night with my boyfriend. Dinner and a movie to start my birthday month just right. (Mcdonalds was my bae that night and Will Smith took my heart away in Focus)

Then this happened:




Check my cool blogger friend: Theo J Ellis! He’s already participated in #GoDoFly and we’ve got many more projects together. This video shout out is one of the coolest things ever!


Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/theojellis
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/theojellis
Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/theojellis
Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/theojellis


Along came Thursday and worked the day away and got some family love.

And now? Extra excited to be spending the weekend with my family. These little ones get all my energy and love this weekend.


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Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

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