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Hello there Miss.Beautiful and Mister.Handsome,

Let’s take one step closer.

Throughout these past few months, I have changed my direction from one path to another. I discovered my own path and decided to take it by its wings. I decided it make it my own. As soon as I did, I fell in love with my life even more. As you know by now, it hasn’t all been a path of flowers. I have  overcome many things in past. From long-lost family, being independent young, taking huge leaps, dealing with abuse and depression and most of all, traveling around from place to place with whatever I can.  All these things have been on my list for a long time.

Now, I have been dealing with new issues. Including letting go of old ones too. As in detach, as in caring less in people’s opinion and listening more to my heart. This is something that I tell you all on a daily basis. It is always good when you practice what you preach. And as I told you at the beginning of our journey together, I am forever growing and ever-changing. I am happy to have you in this path with me as I am part of yours.

Moving on and moving in, lately I have overcome new career challenges. Such as a exposing a new area of writing, a much deeper one. For example, I love motivating people, I love expressing to you all how to stay in metal shape to keep going. Now, on top of that, I also write stories about overcoming darker things. It is not the happy typical posts that you can find, nonetheless, it is something I want to write about too. Also, it is up to you to read or not, of course.

I have always been into various things. Into different types of music, into different types of jobs, into different types of activities and it is natural to be into different types of writings too. No matter how much I love to motivate you and make sure you bring your A-Game, I am happy to write about other subjects as well. I also love that you see me grow as I know I help to fill your days with positive vibes and happy smiles.

All this said and done, I have also gone through some personal changes. I have learned once again to let go of important beliefs I once had. These beliefs were programmed in me as if it was the only option. After many years of playing yo-yo with this belief and many tears and fears along the way, I decided to let it go once and for all. I decided loud and clear that my life is the way I chose it to be. My life is my path. Certain people won’t understand, other people won’t care and the rest will do what they want anyway.

All in all, as I continue this path, as I continue to grow, as I continue to love life each day more, I want to express to you that I am also learning. That I do practice what I preach. That I do want to explore all the options, I do want to express myself in the way I am and best of all, inviting you in and accepting whatever will be, will be. As long as I am myself, the rest will come. 

Thank you for the read, thank you for all the kind words, comments and pictures you sent my way. I appreciate you being there, I love that you listen to me and let me in your world.

Have a wonderful day and keep on Always Believing!

Spread The Love,

The Always Believer

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