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Hey there Wednesday Lovers!!

We are already in May! Who saw that coming? Okay, okay, everyone and the calendar knew that it was coming. It feels like just last week I took down the Christmas Tree. (Wait… I actually did, we kept it as a living room decor till now, crazy, right?) In any case, time does fly by and we want to hear from you!


(This picture was taken on April 26th, tree taken down on April 28th – True story)

As we prepare new goodies and designs, we´d love to hear from you.

Have you seen these new segments below? 

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#TruthTuesdays : All about saying what is on your mind, all about being the real you, all about embracing who you are exactly who you are…. vent, say what you got and let the world know in our #TruthTuesdays

#ThankYouThursdays : What are you thankful for? Who do you want to thank? Let us know and let the whole word know too. Now, you’ve got a cool way of showing the ones you how you feel in #ThankYouThursdays

#SorryNotSorry : Are you saying sorry too much? Stop apologizing for being who you are. Brush off the little things and tell us what are you #sorrynotsorry about!

And of course #quoteme section! If you came across a sentence, a quote, an image … that you loved,#quoteme! Yup, show me that sentence you loved in this area. I want to know what get your mind inspired and happy. So, hit me up with your feedback!


I’ve been getting more emails from you all being interested in participating. You can participate as many times as you like and in as many as you like too. I am very excited to share all this with you!

All these goodies start in June, yet don´t hesitate to start writing and get them to me! There are already tons lined up in some categories, as there are some open slots in others. Share what you have to say. Be brave! Every post you write will have your links and bio. It is a win-win!

As June rolls along, it means the new segments will be up and new job gets in. In other words,  I´ll be spending time away from the computer due to work meaning I will get back to all your lovely ideas and thoughts as fast as I can. Thanks for your love and patience, through thick and thin.

To all those already participating, thank you! Thank you very much for all your love and support! Keep them coming and keep spreading the love!

The Always Believer


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