Trust is what I have in you.

Faith is what I have in you.

Respect is what I have for you.

Love is what I have for you.

These words, these meanings, these feelings, are all as big as the universe and even more than what we can see. This is what I hold for you, this is what my heart speaks for you, this is my gut feeling.

You make me feel strong, powerful, beautiful, graceful and loved. I confide in you, I hear your beauty, I see your spark, I feel you within me. This is between you and me. Not letting the world interfere, we are in our own home, this is our magic, real magic.

Trust is what I put towards you, as I know you will always be there. You will catch me and I will catch you. You are honest, you are kind, you are real, you are ….

Faith is what I give you, as I know you will always make it. You will push forward, carry on and take life by its wings. You are light, you are glory, you are real, you are ….

Respect is what I feel for you, as I know you are appreciative of your surroundings. You always honour, you are always courteous. You are brave, you are strong, you are admired, you are….

Love is what I nourish you with, as I know it will help you grow victorious. You have self-love, you have self-confidence, you are able to reach to your dreams. You are bold, you are clear, you are spirited, you are ….

Let me guide you, let me fulfil you, let me love you like you love me. Love me like you do, guide me as you do, wrap me around your arms … Let me reach out and give you Trust, Faith, Respect and Love, every single day, for as long as we both shall live.

Ariadna Arredondo


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