Happy Thanksgiving!

It´s that simple today.

This is a post about things I am thankful for.

Just that simple.

A look into before:

You see, darling, I´ve spent my life in whirlwind of all sorts and no matter where I was, I have always been thankful. Every time that I got out of a hole it was because I had my key sentence, Always Believe so from there, I knew that I wanted to be thankful for what I had and move my way up.

I´ve turned my life around and it has been really good and going on great. I am happier than yesterday and there are more happy days coming, just because I know I can.

It made me realize that no matter what happened, good or bad, I am thankful for it all. Not only going through the bad parts made me see that I learn more, it all led me to know what is actually important in my life. Everything comes for a lesson or a blessing. Keep that in mind. 

It all starts with being Thankful.

I love this holiday because a lot of people realize what is going in their life, I wish that feeling would stay longer yet things go back to their regular course. Even though I didn´t have the regular family gatherings around this time and on days like this one or Christmas, I was either alone or just with a few random people. Going from having just the necessary to having more than I could even dream of and even more so, each day having better things, is something that I will always be thankful for. Slowly and surely, I wanted to make it my own and special.

And I did!


I am thankful for:

My health–  Thanks to my new health status, I am now better and stronger. I am healthy both physically and mentally. My body is my temple.

My Family-  For those blood related and non-blood related ones, who cares? They are all family. I am blessed to have my best friends by my side.

YOU- Yes, you! Of course I am thankful for you. You are over there staring at your computer reading these lines. You take your time out of your schedule, not only to read me, but you made time for yourself to read this. Thanks to you, I know that I am accomplishing my purpose. I love to motivate you, I love to make your day happier, I love to be there. I caught your eye, I got your attention and you stuck around. Thank you, dear reader, thank you, world creator. I thank you.

All my fundamental things – food and drinks, house,clothes,electricity for cooking and showering,etc..  For all those things that make my life easier every day. I will always show my appreciation for all these things.

My Life Opportunities – I know, I made them happen. I am thankful for having them in my life and knowing how to take full advantage of them.

My technology – Yup, all of it. Thanks to it, I can spread my word, I can reach to you. You can contact me through many different networks and I can been seen around the world. On top of that, the train that takes me to the city, the car that my friends come and visit me,etc…

Creativity – of all kinds, from hair to music, from cinema to art… all these things that make me laugh, think and life easier. Those new and old things that make the world turn. Those scenes that move me, those songs that make me the happiest girl in the world, all of it.

Always Believe – my base, my home. I am thankful for this sentence, for making it my own, for making it on my own. Made my trust my heart and walk my path to get here. Powerful words that I have always pronounced and will pull me through.

I am forever thankful for a million things. As I walk into a store, into nature, into the shower… once a day, I take my time to say everything I am thankful for. I am truly blessed and I know you are too. Today, please look around, really look in and see what you are thankful for. Those things that make your world go around.

Be thankful every day, reach out, reach within.

That´s all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for being there. 

The Always Believer

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