#ThankYouThursdays: 6 reasons why you should admit your mistakes

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#ThankYouThursdays is all about being thankful and kind to one another. And this includes ourselves. We are even thankful that we mess up and make all sorts of mistakes. Why? Because it is a natural thing to happen in life. That, up or down, we all make recurring mistake and these help us learn, get better and get back up to try again.

Today we have Xeno’s help. He tells us 6 reasons why you should admit your mistakes. We have shared three with you and you can see the rest on his page. There is a direct link underneath. Let us know what you think and be sure to send our love his way!


Unless a mistake is one that gravely affects other people, there’s nothing wrong with making one. To make a mistake is human. To keep making the same mistake is idiotic. To never learn from it is tragic. 

Ever since we started to learn how to walk, we had been making mistakes. When you began to learn how to write, you made a mistake. When you started to learn how to cook, you made a mistake (did you burn that egg?). When you started in your current job, I’m pretty sure you made a mistake. Don’t believe the misconception that making a mistake is entirely wrong. That’s a mistake! In the next items, you’ll find out why.


Refusing to admit a mistake is like wearing shoes that accidentally stepped on poop. Unless you take them off, you’re going to keep smelling shit. When you admit your mistake, you’re letting go of the negative energy that comes with it. It will stop affecting you mentally and emotionally, and it will lose its power over you. You’ll be free to really move on. If you don’t, then, well, keep sniffing that smell.


Admitting a mistake is an exercise of humility. Now, I am not advocating that you should keep on committing mistakes because not making them will always be the better choice. But acknowledging that you were responsible for the mistake teaches you to be humble. When you learn humility, you also gain confidence. And a confident person is not afraid to admit whenever he’s wrong.


Be sure to check out the rest of the reasons on his page and follow him all over the web. He is full of philosophical life thoughts, is an avid dream chaser and doer. Plus,  he always loves hearing from new people!



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Can you think of any other reasons why you should admit to your mistakes?

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