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As we want to gear you up for the new segments, we wanted to give you a preview on #ThankYouThursdays as a guest writer.

After sending an email to ariadnaarredondo@thealwaysbeliever.com and getting feedback, you will be scheduled for the next free Thursday spot available.  The info you need to send in will be the following:

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Usually. with #ThankYouThursdays, it is pretty easy to put together.  Here´s a preview! Enjoy!

The Always Believer


Being Grateful

I am human, and I have my own needs and wants. Needs are acceptable, everyone has the need of oxygen and water. But do I really need Jimmy Choos? No. Do I want Jimmy Choos? Yes. That’s the difference. As a person, I value the things that we can’t quantify the most. Hugs, love, care, trust…I want it the most. But I’m no saint, I also want a penthouse and a Porsche.

Yes, it’s alright to want things, as long as you’re willing to work for them. What is not okay is to whine about what you don’t have. See, my parents would never buy me a designer wardrobe, and I never ever complained about it. First, it’s their money not mine so I have right to demand anything. Second, at least I have clothes and shoes and bags.

We go for regular social service activities, and there I see little children who don’t have proper clothing to protect their fragile skin from the blistering sun, no shoes to avoid injuries. But they were happy and it made me feel so small. We live in a world where people die of hunger every second, but we throw tantrums over meal at home and throw it away because we don’t like it. Out there, someone would kill for that one meal.

Bottom line being, it’s okay to want things, but we need to appreciate what we already have too. Want iPhone 5S? Completely fine. But hating the phone that you have right now is wrong, because you are blessed to have that privilege. Everyone, including me, takes things for granted but we need to make a conscious effort to stop and give everything and everyone some credit for being there. Be thankful for the life we have.



Have you ever been to a crowded area? Pick up the face of any teen girl, that’s me. I’m your average girl who has her dreams, her pain, her joy, her insecurities, her love, her drama, her peace. I am the girl who likes good grades and works for them, I’m the girl who is trying to fit in and stand out at the same time. I’m the girl who has her little group of friends and maybe a boyfriend but still feels lonely sometimes. I’m the girl who likes to make others happy. I’m the girl who can cry herself to sleep every night, and put on a fake smile every morning.


That Girl´s Words

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