That moment when…..


Welcome World Changers,

Let’s talk about that moment when you decide to stop caring. That moment that you just give up and move on.

Now, we do want you to have a great outlook in life and this means to not give up and keep going on to do your best.

But this time around, we talk about that moment that we just put up our hands in the hair and say “Forget about it.”

In the nicest of ways possible, throw away all those feelings of doubt, all those contradictory feelings of not knowing what to do, all those times that you just wanted to be yourself and stopped because you were afraid…. it’s time to say whatever.

In other words, who gives? I mean, seriously, every time that you jump into doing something just because you want to do it, who is going to care? After all, it is your life. We are reminding you to live a little looser, a little more wild and dive into the action when you want.


So, that dress you think has too much cleavage?

Wear it on a Saturday night.

Who cares?

That briefcase that you think is too fancy?

Wear it proudly.

Who cares?

That dance of joy after getting paid.

Do it.

Who is going to stop you from dancing?

That genre of music/tv/movie/etc that people think it is not you?

Listen to it, watch it, do it.

It is you. 

We all live life differently. So, who cares about the rest? Life it your way and do what makes you happy. As long as you are respectful, get out there and jump into the pool of life.

Yes, in this moment, we are telling you not to care what anyone else thinks, we are telling you realize that moment when….

You did not care what they say and you did something that made you happy, just for you, just because you are able to do so.

What are you going to do? 

Have a great time and live life your way!

The Always Believer




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