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Today is another insider look on The Always Believer. Today I got that big C word on my mind. I got it right when I am about to open my mouth, I got in on the tip of my tongue as I feel like I shouldn’t care if I say ir or not, I just have it now because I am finally letting go, learning to be and growing into my own person.

I am going to come out and say it, Critics. Yup, that is the word. Everyone is a critic in their own way, everyone has an opinion that they think they need to let the other person know.


Let me give you an inside look. 


You see, as I come out of my own shell and write more, there are many ways I could approach this. I could have just written under another name all along and promote this page saying it was someone’s elses. I could have just writing motivational posts and that will be that. I could have just explored my inner feelings in closed support groups and continued being a question mark to those near me. I decided to do none of the above. I wanted to speak out. I wanted to say what was on my mind.

One of my favorite Glee quotes is “Shame is a wasted emotion.” by Kurt Hummel. Who at the beginning of the show was ashamed of being gay. So on and so forth on that plot. Back to me, I hid myself for many years. Not only to the world, family and mainly friends. These friends who have been with me for years. Why? I was ashamed of my feeling, I was ashamed of how I reacted, I was scared all along about what other people thought.

I decided to come out and get more into writing my own thoughts and feelings because I wanted to be brave. I have seen enough movies, read enough books, seen enough real life characters to know that it feels better when you are brave. I am brave because I know that this is me. Whether I write this today and feel different in years, this is me and was me at some point.

Now, back to my main focus point.

Critics, I know I have them. Even and more harshly so from people who are closest to me. They want me to be better at some things, they want to be something, they want to make sure I stay balanced. Maybe it is that they have more life experience and all they want is to help. And I need to be ok with that. I need to know that what I am doing is my choice, it is what I want to do with my life. I am forever discovering and going on different paths to see what is my place in this world. I know I didn’t study writing, I know I don’t have that University degree hanging on my wall. I do know that whatever I write, whatever I do, is out of love and it is the way I am.

Some critics are actually helping you to become better, to achieve your goals and to realize that it is better a certain way. Just stay true to yourself and live up to your own goals. Not where people see you, after all, it is your life. And there are plenty people out in the world living life their way and being a total success story time and time again.

It might hurt a bit at the beginning when your harshest critic is from your own family but the real truth, you are your own worst critic. You, me, everyone needs to find a place where they are celebrated. Even if you think this idea might be too motivational for you, you need and want to feel loved as a human being that you are. And that is that. 

All in all, I am still learning and forever be learning. I am declaring myself a life long student, a person that chooses to be brave, a person that wants to write to help others, a person that is living life the best to her abilities.

At the end of the day, it all depends how YOU look at it.

What is your intake on critics? Let me know!

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The Always Believer


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