The New Step

Hello you,

How are you on this fine day? I´ve missed you. Now, how can I miss you? Starting with that I love to share my thoughts with you and motivate you and I haven´t done it for a while. Following with, missed your opinion and your way of always writing back, yet again I always posted faster than now. Thanks for being there, thanks for continuing writing those comments no matter in what platform. It means a lot.

How am I, you ask? I am. What is that supposed to mean? I am the way I need to be. So it depends whenever you ask. At times it is emotional, at times it is happy, at other times it is angry and at even some other times it is an explosion! As you might know, life has been all over the place for me and I have been brave under other circumstances, yet now….

I am finally giving time for me, as you know by now. And that is one rollercoaster to ride on. I am quite happy to have done soon. I am quite happy to have finally stood up to myself. You see, the way I was and what I am becoming aren´t two different people. It is me being more me. I had let those demons out for a nice long walk and dropped them off somewhere while I stayed with the good parts.

I was brave this week. I finally had long conversation with friends about me. That´s big news on my field. Just like many people out there, I was held in this cage or shell within myself and not letting anything out. So, when you finally give yourself time and understand that the body and mind needs it more than you know, it feels amazing. I mean, I have talked to friends about my issues in the past but just to the closest of them all. Now, I am spreading the workload to other friends and it has been the most helpful thing.

Plus, to even new-found friends of this year and it also helps. I started to be brave enough to say to myself, it´s ok being me, whatever I am in that moment. I am always going to be respectful and I always have to be me. For some, it is an easy thing to do. And I salute you! But for people like me, it is a different path, it is the one that you choose.

Now I am choosing the being ¨more me¨, I was about to write ¨me-er¨ or something like that,every day.  I am choosing to be honest with myself, to spread my good news and to share what it is important to me. Yes, I will still be that good listener yet this time around I will make time to be heard too.

It´s a process, you don´t get it at times, you just go with it. Everything that I read for my dear fans is much like therapy. All those photos I post on instagram, Facebook and twitter. I am happy to be where I am, writing to you these lines. Because one day when I re-read my thoughts, I knew when I started and how far I have got. I´m serious this time. And this time even better, I have more of my friends support because I have let it in. And even best of all! Like the sentence goes ¨Those who mind don´t matter, those who matter don´t mind. ¨ I am going to continue flying my ways with new understanding on how I am, I will continue to learn a long the way. I am going to feel brave and confident every step more.

All right then, there you have on me. On a side not, I am still putting my heart,love and all to my novel. It is another personal matter which involves a lot of my life stories and feelings. I will be back soon! Stay tuned on all the other social media because there I upload daily! Check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter loves.

Be my guest and spread the word if you enjoy! Thanks!

The Always Believer


PS: the following song was on repeat while writing this post. Enjoy!


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