The one that is always there


Hello amazing ones,

Today’s post is all about that special someone, that one that has got your back, that one that has seen you extremely drunk, that one that their parents felt that they adopted you when you were younger, the one that is first on the list, the one that has a crazy nickname, the one that you don’t care if they see you in your birthday suit, the one that you call when you think about making the same mistake, the one that drives you to the hospital in the middle of the night, the one that everyone knows about even if you live countries away….

The very same one called your best friend in the world.

Today, we are taking a moment to remind us how important it is these people to have in our lives. We are taking our time to remember how much we appreciate them and not to take them for granted.


For us, having a best friend is as motivational as any other time we have told you to get up and get a move on. It is so important to us to have our best friend around. No matter how many times we have gotten down, no matter how many people come and go, there is always that person.

They motivate us to be better, heck, of course, they know us the best. They know when we are straight flat-out lying to ourselves and call us out in. They tell us what we want to hear and what we need to hear too. Mainly, the second one which makes sense because they need to be sincere with us all the way. We have seen our friendship grow from small chats, to then meaningful talks, leading up to random talks about the stars, pencils and cats. We can be comfortable telling them whatever and get as happy for them, as a crazy cat lady getting another cat, every time they reach their goals. You dance in the street just for the heck of it with them, even.

With a best friend, life is easier. Life is shared, full of laughter and 3am runs to McDonald’s, just because. We wanted you to remember them today. Not saying that you forget who they are and that they are there, just that life gets in the way. People move, people get new jobs, people have kids, people and a million things, take a chance now and send a quick message to them saying “I love you, Wild” or whatever random nickname you have for them. They know this, you know this, it is always good to send a random lovely text message to your bestie.


While you are at it, not only your best friend, but the people who are in your life right now. Those who have been there forever, those who have just gotten there, to each and every one of those, you can’t see the future. You don’t know if they are always going to be available or there, even. So, do it now, send a message, send a package, give them a call, make their day.

To the one that is always there, this is our salute to you. Because thanks to you, we keep on believing, we keep wanting to have a thousand more crazy nights with you, we know that we are together, right here, right now ….

This is our way of telling you, YOU ARE AMAZING.

And what are you waiting for? Send that text, send that email, give a huge hug next time you see them. Share this message along to those you love the most. They love you just the way you are, after all.

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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