The Plane Ride

That moment that I step into the airport:

Rushed crowds, children playing, some pets loose, smell of coffee mixed with fast food at times, the sound of rolling carts…..

All that around me disappears. It disappears completely. I just let in the moment, the feeling, my heartbeat of that instant. As I take the first steps in no matter how rushed I am or as much time as I have, I take it all in.

You see, friend, I have travelled all my life, I have gone on countless plane rides, I have seen a big chunk of the world. I am one of those lucky ones that has gotten to travel all her life. By the time I was 17, I made sure I travelled it as much as I could. But that is another story.

I have been to many airports and every single time I step into one, I get this rush, I get this unexplainable feeling of love. Of love, love , love. It can be compared to love at first sight, it can be compared to the first snowfall or first day of Summer… for you darling, it can be many things.

As I walk in through the security circuit, I stand calm, I stand happy. I have everything I need in hand and my outfit is usually a comfortable-getting-on-a-plane one. I people watch around me, kids playing, people stressing, other people demanding to go through since they´re late, others saying goodbye, others that are just on business, others who have too much in their hands while they wait and of course, the rest doing their job the best way possible.

I walk through, everything as normal, pick up my things and head to the gates. Walking along towards the gate, the usual shops catch my eye, the tax-free store, the clothes store and of course, magazine and books. I have everything check out, knowing where I am going and how much time I have until my gate open.

For many people it can be a hassle of sorts, either rushed because it is just business but hey, at least they have a job, stressed because their child wants something, but hey, you made that child and that is a blessing. I see tourists, young adults backpacking, bachelor and bachelorette parties, honeymooners, people coming from hot weather and cold weather…. And many, many, many more…

It is like having all types of people all in one place.

Every minute I am at the airport is a happy one, it is a place that brings me peace and strength. What a funny thing to feel at the airport, right? As I go through my gate, get settled in my seat, that feeling of being in love comes back to me.  Flying for me is magical. It lets me go from one end to the world to another, it takes me quickly to a place where I want to go.

The Plane Ride. 

The Plane ride is always wonderful, whether I sleep more or sleep less, whether it is a 6:30am flight or a 10:30pm one, whether there are children or snoring adults, it is always wonderful. I go into my own world, I have time for me and my things, no one can bother me, I am at peace.

That plane ride consists of going somewhere I choose to go, of going to a place that either I have never been to or a place I like to call my home away from home. That plane ride, any plane ride for me is always going to be wonderful. It is a feeling of being free, of being able to fly, of gazing at the clouds, of watching amazing landscape from high above, of knowing that I am off to my next adventure.

That´s all, folks. It really is, The Plane Ride for me is therapeutic,  wonderful and much-needed every so often. That is part of my spirit, part of my soul, travelling. And everything that comes with it.

– The Always Believer

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