Spiritual Sundays

The superpowers that come from spirituality

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Today we have one of our Team Flyer members, Courtney Burns from Bravely Beautiful Blog. You can find her sharing her #GoDoFly story through our podcast and blog as well. She is all about aligning up with oneself, finding ways to heal all while adding sparks of astronomy, spirituality and more.

We love talking to her every chance we get! She decided to share with us all about those superpowers that come with spirituality. Her words just flew out of here like some sort of magic for sure. Enjoy this post and be sure to check out her other features here on The Always Believer.

Spiritual Sundays

There’s a superpower that awakes within you when you step into the realm of spirituality.

It’s like a gift that opens inside of you.

One that once you open you can’t take back.

One that doesn’t have a return policy attached to it.

This gift is one that has always been inside of you just waiting to be opened.

It’s the superpowers of your truth.

The superpower of your spirituality.

Is this a concept for everyone?

No. No, it’s not.

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But does everyone have this gift within them?

Yes. Yes, they do.

It’s up to the individual to open it or not.

It’s up to each and every one of us to look within and bravely accept the gifts within ourselves.

You see spirituality isn’t just “woo” it’s YOU.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you sit on your yoga mat for hours and meditate off into the ethers or other dimensions. It doesn’t mean chugging green juice and holding crystals.

It doesn’t mean “good vibes only”.

It DOES mean tuning into the larger frequency of the world. It does mean being yourself in a world that’s been taught to be the same. It does mean feeling the spectrum of emotions humans are meant to feel in this lifetime. It does mean a challenge. And it does mean finding yourself.

It means finding your unique gifts that come from your blueprint that your soul signed up for before you came down here to this earthly world.

Finding your superpower comes after experiencing a platter of ups, downs and trials and tests that push you into a journey of self-discovery.

They come from you experimenting and living life on the edge. And sometimes falling off the cliffs.

They come from days when you’re on the bathroom floor in a puddle of heartbreak.

These gifts appear when you are at your bottom. When your rock bottom appears.

They come to teach you your power and ability to rise. To shine. And to open the gifts that you have pushed aside.

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When you decide to finally open this gift inside of you your superpowers are finally realized.

Slowly but surely – they come to the surface and you have clarity of the reasons why you are who you are.

You discover parts of you that you repressed or kept hidden.

These. These are your superpowers of spirituality.

Spirituality is a feeling.

Spirituality is a state of being.

Spirituality looks different to everyone and expressed in each individual’s own way.

Spirituality isn’t just “woo woo”.

It’s real. It’s real because it’s something inside of you.

The superpowers of spirituality are a deep sense of knowing. Of feeling. Of truly being.

Of breathing.

These superpowers let you feel the waves of the world. The emotions of others and yourself. They give you the gift of an open heart that not only feels deep emotions that are your own, but also those who surround you.

These powers let you feel a love so wild, so big and so bold.

These powers give you a gift of determination. That of resiliency. Of being able to overcome hard and challenging experiences to be able to lift the collective consciousness of humanity around you.

They give you the gift of feeling deeply. All so you can heal the world authentically.

Life is more than just what’s in front of you.

There’s always an under layer. One we can’t always see- yet it runs so deep. Within each and every one of us, this exists.

The feelings you feel are your gift.

Your superpower of spirituality.

Open up to it.

Watch yourself expand in ways you never imagined.

Your superpowers are you gift the world needs. These are the gifts of spirituality.

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