The thoughts of a whole new adventure

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How are you? As you already know, starting new adventures a full on part of life, and well, my new ambitious adventure this year was going off to college… and my oh my, what an adventure I chose! Ever since I started, it has been non stop fun, things to discover, exams, early mornings, tons of commute time, notes taking, parties to attend… a whole new world, a whole new adventure.

And regardless of whatever adventure you are on, because we all know that college isn´t the only adventure out there, whatever your adventure may be, parenthood, moving abroad, starting a new job, rising up to a new one, onward and upward and the whole life scene, you as a wonderful human being that you are have thoughts on the whole shebang, right?

And here is my train of thoughts on the whole new adventure of mine, college in this case!


Is this real life?

This happens with many things, with many significant changes… And I assure you, this is one of them! For me and probably most. The first few weeks of starting, specially the first, yet it prolonged to more, it all felt like a dream. Of course, for many reasons… One being that I´ve been wanting this for such a long time that it feels like I am living the dreams, a second one being that it felt like any temporary thing that I might have been doing for some period of my life. And that right there is spot on. It felt like a short course of the sort rather than the whole college experience. And third being that with college, came a new job, a new apartment and a new people , joined with new commute too.

Seriously, it felt like a blur to a dream to then realize it was the real thing. You´ve heard my YouTube videos, week after week, letting you know that the days where long and misty… mixing school and work and countless pages to study from all into one big ball that turned a day into a month later… When it hit me… exam time? the 50th commute? looking at my grades? giving up social life? Not fully sure, all I can say is that when it hit me, I was happier than before and more concentred than ever before.

So, the point of this point? It takes some time to get used to it, the first few weeks roll into a long one and it takes  a bit to get into the swing of things, meanwhile, take one thing at a time, take priorities and be sure you start enjoy the moment all around you.


Open up to that whole adventure!

Take my case for example, sure I love to talk to people and all, yet another thing is to actually tell my whole feelings and thoughts and all that jazz… So, in honor of making new friends and getting to know people, it is better to open up and get together with them as time rolls along. Whether it may be in class breaks, at the library, the local shop or a dancing Saturday night out… you need to put yourself out there and hang out. Sure, it is a bit scary, sure, it takes some time to get your feelings across, what is true: you got to get out and do it.

Ever since I started I have opened up, talked much more and let my true self show, regardless of the fear I hold, friendship and whole making friends isn´t my biggest forte, yet I decided to be brave and do it. As new friends were also on the horizon before school started, I opened up to them a lot more and go great nights and ideas and stories to tell from them. And as for my college friends go, it is a whole other realm at times, since we are somewhat 7 to 10 years apart, our priorities or tastes aren´t the same, I still tried and conquered, one way or another.




Over-do it much? Then, don´t!

I learned right away that overdoing life wasn´t going to get me anywhere, it just going to get me nowhere and fast. I crashed and burned many times before at this stop and learned how to manage a balance. Now my new territory, my new adventure,  was college, a.k.a a student… in other words, I had brand new duties and responsibilities to deal with. And honey, you better believe me, I am quite demanding with myself. I love to get the highest grades possible and do all the extra research. I love to turn in work ahead of time as well as do a few rough drafts before getting the final cut… And honey, you better believe me, ain´t nobody got time for that. Nobody who works and studies and is creating their own empire at the same time.

In other words, my lesson to be learned is that even though I might not get the highest grades nor reach out for the extra points, as long as I have a balance week to week, it is all that counts. After all, school isn´t all my life, I also work, have a social life, have You and have feelings as well. And this is my personal case, yet I know right about now you are erasing my examples and putting some of your own. As in, whatever it is that you are doing or new thing you are creating or whatnot, make sure you take one thing at a time and don´t overdo it… It makes no sense out all and it is just going to burn you down.


All by myself…. Just want to be all by myself…

For last in this new adventure list is the essence of it all. First you got to know oneself before you can get yourself out there, first you got to know how you feel before you go off to the next thing… In other words, it is okay if you want to be by yourself, if you want to do what you want to do and no have anyone there. There are times your body and mind need it, there are times where you are going to crave it more than anything else and there are times where you have to remind yourself that it is okay to be alone and get some down time.

Being alone doesn´t mean lonely, it means getting to know yourself, it means sorting out thoughts and feelings and organizing your own train of thoughts… it means you get to look out for yourself and well as treat yourself a bit more… so, all in all, if you feel like it is too much or you just feel like taking some time out, no need to worry, it is all natural and logical as well.



Keep dreaming and keep doing! Be sure to enter your own wise words down below!

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