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Hello once again to this corner of The Always Believer,

Today’s thought: The true side of things.

I was having a marvelous weekend and week and so on and so forth. I am back on my schedule and in track for bigger and better things. As this year starts in the right direction, the small opportunities that come my way, help me know that I am walking the right way.


You see, coming from a rocky road of past stories where life was other than easy, I have come to realize even more so, that I make my own path. I have chosen all sorts, for that matter. And just a turn of a page ago, I lead my path to do something I have been longing to do for ages. This. This world around me. I spread love wherever I go, I make mistakes as I walk, I travel my road proud and cheerful. I wanted to expand my world, not only because I love to write, but most of all, I love to spread the love. That cheer that I have in me was coped up for too long. I always showed it and all, nonetheless it was to my closest of friends. I wanted to just let one more person know, let the world know, that it was all going to be ok, that there is a positive side of things.

Finally and recently, I broke all systems that were tearing me down, took out the pieces one by one and started standing up on my own again.  As months went by and my social media grew, I turn back to certain moments. I look at my life, as the thinker that I am, and with that I see the changes and the progress around me. Whether it is sitting on my bed all by myself, whether it is working as much as I can to build my future and then the thought of letting go comes into mind.

What is it that makes us let go? What is it that life turns one way and the other person’s life turns the other? No matter the years of friendship. How is it with days that turns into months friends become strangers? I am pretty sure you are catching my drift. Life moves on. When once you thought it was one way, the second time around, it is another. This is because life is always changing, you are always changing, I am always changing.

I am here sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away, just sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time….

(Excuse my musical self, this is the real me, no filter, just me. So, yes, I do tend to break out in song every so often)

I am here sitting looking around, missing something that I once knew and yet not missing as much as I thought. I think I knew the time was coming. I think that even when it happened it felt like a kick in the stomach, it was reality handling it all. It was meant to be. People always told me that friends come and go and I believed them. I have traveled around the world all my life, I know how that works. With this in mind, this was the first time an old-time friend left my life without a bit of a track left. Just like that.

I just realized with all this thinking that everything falls into place. Months after, through mutual friends, I see a pattern of a lifestyle that didn’t fit me. A lifestyle that was to extreme for me. Something that I always knew it would drive us away from each other. And now that I am being honest, that type of lifestyle is kinda a regular one, kinda the one that you can predict even if you don´t know them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all. I just always knew that I was something else, I walk a different ground. I speak a different sound. I dance to a different beat. Not better, not worse, just different.

Lastly, as this thought gets through my head once more, as recent as it is, I hope it will be gone soon. Reminiscing on yesterday and tomorrow’s what ifs. (What does it even matter?) So I can focus on new arrivals. So I can focus on old ones that have stuck around. And most of all, focus on myself. The rest can come and go, as long as I know myself and do what I love, that is what counts at the end of the day. Right?

Thanks for getting to this line of my train of thoughts. Thanks for being a reader and a commenter. Thanks for being a follower. I close doors to open new ones. And you are one of the doors that I happily opened.

Take care,

The Always Believer


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