There´s the piece to the puzzle

Hello there,

What have we have here? On my end, I´ve found another piece to the puzzle!

Here have an awesome song to go with it, if you like:

Let´s start with the day one.

What I did the first day was give plenty of time to write my book. It has been a great inner journey being able to write all my life stories. I have been writing everything down first and then putting more details into the many fragile moments in life. For me it was about time and long overdue. I write naturally as I please, whenever creation strikes, I hope on the plane right and get on it.  Writing is soothing to my soul, it is what creates me and what fuels me. It was off to a great start.

Tuesday and Wednesday were great days too. I had long talks to a couple of cool new friends of mine. One´s up north and one is down south. So, as you would imagine, hello phone calls and Skype even, of course we wanted to see each other too! I talked to both of them for hours. There was the great feeling again, to reconnect to good friends. I told them all about the latest news and how I was becoming braver exposing my word.  When it came to future life projects, when it was my turn on the point, I gave out a long speech of all the things I wanted to do without pinpointing them down.

This automatically makes me feel a bit lost in my own stage. I´ve always had a goal to accomplish. This year has been that transaction bridge and I´m heading the right way. All I need now is to know right where I want and where I am going.

Moving on we have Thursday that I skyped with my dear Italian girl. She´s been sick this week and came up with the strength to talk to be for a bit. She knew I needed a good ear to talk to. I told her about my book and again, future life projects. Once more, all and nothing at the same time. I take from this is that true friends are always there and will guide you the best way possible for them.

Friday my dears was a day of castings and work. It was wonderful to experience the thrill of doing another thing that I loved. And at work, I bonded quite nicely with my students. Then, even at home, just felt the cozy vibe with the new roommates. During the week, I researched and did social networking to get more on my right path.

Rainy Saturday morning, I kept on writing and reading up some cool blogs. I love connecting with people from around the world. In the afternoon, I met up with an old work mate. It was more than wonderful. She is a writer and has her own business. She helped me so much, not only giving me information on upcoming novelties but also on life matters. We also arrived to the conclusion to pinpoint where I want to be.

Sunday, my darlings, I spent the day writing 6,500 new words on my book which meant I was letting go within the progress. Also, spent some quality time with my roommates. And for once, actually being where I wanted to be. Out of the blue, I got a chance to talk for a couple of hours with my sister who is in a whole different continent. I read her a piece of my book, got useful feedback and it all led to catching up with some much-needed conversations.

Ok, my main point of quickly skimming over my week is to share with you all the wonderful things I have learnt. All one step at a time.

1) Do what excites you. Yes, it´s that simple. That precise thing that excites you the most, do it. Then when you´ve done it or  are too bored of it, go find another thing that excites you, then again and again. Always find something in your life that excites you. End of story.

2) Be yourself. Be brave and share your story. Be comfortable with your feelings and know that is ok what you are feeling and going through. We all help each other out in this world and the more honest we are the better.

3) Push yourself to go where you want to go and be where you want to be. Set that goal and stick with it.

4) It has its ups and its downs, it is what you make of it. How you deal with it and how you rise up to that challenge. It´s not about immediate actions, it about accepting and learning from the fall. The power of the mind is powerful and when you can combine it with action, it´s darn perfect.

5) It´s all about action mentality. It´s all about you see yourself at the end. It´s all about the future goals. To stick to your passion, to take that challenge and following your gut to know when to take the risk.

6) You attract everything around you. Give it a try, it´s all comes with time. Everything that is in around you comes from what you have created in your mind at some point or other. We are always making choices.

7) For the win, you CAN have it all. With the right mindset, with the goal in mind and with the passion of that thing that excites you, you can have it all. Leap into the future, BE that persona you want to be.

Lastly dear readers, dear world creators,

Everything comes at the right time, like this week for me, it is a puzzle piece to my set. It fits perfectly. It came right here, right now and it got me ready for more.

I am now focused on finding my end, on knowing what excites me and working my way there. Because I CAN have it all.

How about you? How are things going on your end? Let me know, feel free to drop a beat or two.  I always procure to leave suggestions of good reads that I find. And hey, if you want to get a teaser of my book, let me know too!

Have a wonderful new week and let it be whatever you want to be,

– The Always Believer


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