They just keep on talking, don’t they…


They just keep on talking, don’t they…

Racists. Liars. Cheaters. Judgemental. Intolerant. Small-minded. Chauvinist. Sexist.

The list can go on although we get the picture.

Lately, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with all of these mentioned above. For one reason or another, I’ve met them all throughout my life. Not giving them too much importance sometimes, other times, they kinda creep into my soul and make me want to range against them with all my thoughts that turn into words.


Encouraging this debate among various of my friends, the final result was based on different opinions. Some declared that they would tell these people off without a care in the world and others declare that acting against them will only get them riled up even more. There is no doubt that all sides were respected in this lengthy debate.

Our point of this article is the following: The people listed above are always going to talk and do what they feel like. Hence, we should shake it off and continuing doing our thing. Now, this is to an extent because it also depends on the extremity of their actions. Let’s set a light approach for now.

For example: Year after year, I’ve seen co-workers (and bosses) being disrespectful towards others. Being double-sided, sweet and nice up front and when they turn around, becoming offensive and hurtful all-round. Teasing, time and a time again, name-calling, talking about things that they don’t know, thinking that they are better than anyone else. Once and once again, I’ve seen these acts.

And it made me think even more about this sentence: “If a person is nice to you but not nice to the waiter, they aren’t a nice person at all.” Seriously, the amount of times you get a set of “Mean Girls” or “Meanies” at work or anywhere else, is atrocious. Dealing with this, we’ve got oh so many options… and we don’t have the right one for you, at all. Just what we think and change we want to inspire.

Personally for me, I let a lot of these back-stabbing meanies slide by. I’ve tried talking to some of them and it was just like adding more whipped cream to the ice cream cake. Giving them more ammo… I’ve preferred to not step in and do my own thing. All the same, if there were moments that I did see a full-on disrespect gone too far, I’ve spoken up. I’ve seriously stepped up and told them a piece of my mind. Result varied. From anywhere to getting laid off or quitting to being told off by them to “Go mind my own business”.

Moving on, a lot of the times, the ‘harmless’ ones are just going to continue. Due to my job, I have to see a lot of comments online and golly, some are downright mean. How can people talk like that? How can people keep up that much hate? At the end, why would I care…. after all, they are going to talk and think the way they do. (Not to completely dismiss them because they do agitate me quite a lot, on the other hand, remember now: this is what we stand for, to find what you love to do, taking the higher road and with this, let the good overcome the bad)


Now, talking about bigger actions: Those who do hurt, those who do a million godawful things…. Speak Up. Thankfully, we are able to count on many role models to help us on such things.

Like Miss. Emma Watson, a U.N. Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, herself said:

“The more I spoke about feminism, the more I realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man hating,” Watson said. “If there is one thing I know for certain is that this has to stop.”

Her campaign, “HeForShe,” a campaign for men and boys worldwide to advocate an end to gender inequality. As she stated herself, she has been given the chance to make some changes and feels responsible to say something.

We can continue giving you many more examples of all these outstanding role models we have been getting now more than before, needless to say, let’s save that for another day. You get the picture, you get the point. Whether it is that you are singing along to Taylor’s “Shake it off” or Mary J. Blidge’s “No more drama” (or any song of the sort!) be sure to say what is on your mind and not let these haters get in your way. Because we all know, haters are going to hate. And if we are being as cheesy as we can be, ‘We’ Lovers are going to Love.

What’s your outlook on this subject?

Please, let us know through the comment section below or via any of our social media. We are delighted to hear your voice. And if you want to speak up and share your story, #GoDoFly is your place to be!

Thanks for the love and keep spreading it far and wide!

The Always Believer

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