Thinking out loud

Team Flyer,

Today is all about random thoughts and questions I’ve been having a for a while…

How come we still lack self-confidence?

What makes them so self-confident?

Am I still a mess at my age?

How can I find a way to get to where I want to be?

How do I balance feeling alright with my actions at the same time be fair to others?

Inner peace, where did you go?

What is it that I want to do?

Is this sleepiness ever going to go away?

Ugh… what is happening?

Come on, go get it girl, you got what it takes to get going and to the top…. omg, where do I start?

Can I just be working on my dream so it becomes my full reality?

Am I really doing what I want to do?

Why do I care so much what they say? And why do I cater so much to other people?

Omg… where do I go next?


Oooookayyyyy …. we will pause there for a bit.

This somewhat crazy mixed up list is something you can also relate to.  This is why I created this safe space, this is what I wanted to start and will continue doing so.  And here we are… here I am, face to face with this screen and this train of thought.

What do I tackle first?

Taking advantage of your day is pretty key, knowing what you want to do with it and making that happen is a real thing. And it needs to happen. So before you go start your next adventure, sit down with yourself to see what it is you really want to do. Ask yourself those hot topic questions that will really make you go “mhm…” such like:

What do I really want?

Where do I want to go with my career, with my health, with my family life, with my love life…?

How and what can I change today in order to get there? 

That is really the most important thing> knowing what you want and getting there. Granted, what you want can easily change over time and time again, it can really be something that one minute is one thing and another minute is  something else.  Moreover, don’ t let that fool you either. In other words, no matter how much that could change, be sure to always have the main goal in mind. And that is what we are getting at right now.

In my case, I do have to dig deep down to get it because it has been seldom the time I have come to think about myself and really knowing what I want. I do, anyhow, know that I want to get further and deeper with this page, this team, this company. And that is the main goal that drives me. With that, I must take time to see the way to get there and do them properly. I must agree with the work line graph, it is not always a straight line going up, it looks more like a line that goes up and down and all around.



As I type these words out and these thoughts out loud, I do take a step back to think about myself and how can I do all this.  After much research and debate, I do believe that this is the way to go to start. And from then on whatever question you have had in mind.

In my case, it relies a lot on self-confidence, because where I have a lot in some areas, in others I lack… I can apartment hunt, job search, interview tons, I can make new friends and go to a thousand new places, I can stop and ask for directions and I can also organize events and take massive leaps into the unknown… Now, where do I lack it? Self-body love for sure and self-empowerement. Bet you weren’ t expecting the last one, specially coming from me! Well, truth be told, that is the one… A lot of times I see myself way more down than up and nowhere to go, that leads to more panic questions or just kinda “meh” moments. Despite that, there are ways I am breaking free from those spells.

This is done by thinking about myself more, this is done by asking the right questions, reaching out and talking about,this is done by being myself a lot more and heading that direction.  Before we continue talking about this, let’ s take a pause to take it all in. And as we reflect on this, I’ d like to add for you to express yourself and to share your story as well. What are the thoughts on your mind? What are those questions you ask yourself?

One step at a time, one day at a time, more coming soon so stay tuned and submit your story today.

All our love,

The Always Believer


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