This Fairy´s birthday

Heyyyyy there Team Flyer!!

A week has passed and I am still celebrating… Let me give you an inside look of last weekend!

The Pillow fight was full of smiles and feathers. That was all there was to it! That and a good taste of tons of fun. I ran across the plaza between flying pillows and war shouts. Rad, right?


Only smiles around.


Flying feathers took over the plaza in no time.



At my friend´s birthday party  – 25 in total. My girls and me. Enjoying the night, all night long.



Friends and Fun – Spread the love.


Make your life as colorful as you can. #TheAlwaysBeliever #TeamFlyer  (at


Girl power. 🙂


Always smile and let love do its thing! #TheAlwaysBeliever #TeamFlyer  (at






And as you know, I won´t be me without making my crazy faces.



Holi was more than amazing. I had the time of my life. I can´t even express how much fun I had. Between the music, the thousands of colors, the company, the sun…. this all day event took my breath away. Hands down, worth doing.

Okay, we are all caught up from last weekend!

Birthday week?

Full of relaxing time in the sun, getting things ready, cruising beach side, hanging with friends, spoiling myself and of course, friends, friends, friends, friends…. Tomorrow is my big birthday beach bash. 37 and counting… USA style. Chilled. Playing games. Tasting the sea. M&M´s and Skittles included. Life is perfect. 

Just follow your heart, get back up and remember to love with all that you got. 

I´ll be back on track soon enough, ready to fly even higher with you!

Thanks for the thousands birthday wishes. Means the world to me! You all are amazingly awesome, all the time. 

Have some goodies… !!

IMG_7677 IMG_7657 IMG_7598 IMG_7559 IMG_7538 IMG_7490 IMG_7486 IMG_7449

Whenever I get the words back, I´ll let you know… 😉

Spread the love,

Ariadna Arredondo



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